Eurostar, which operates a high-speed train between England and France, collects Euro 2016 (Video)

Eurostar, which operates high-speed trains between the UK and France, will recover thanks to Euro 2016: Eurostar, which operates high-speed trains between the UK and France and Belgium, assures that the financial statements of the first three months of the year 2016 were negatively affected by the terrorist attacks in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. He explained.

Eurostar announced that during this period, the number of passengers, especially tourists from the United States and Asia, declined by 3 percent to 2 million 200 thousand.

The company's revenues in this period decreased by 6 percent and recorded as 261 million euros. The company's profit for the year was also reduced by the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015.

Eurostar expects recovery in its tables thanks to the Euro 10 UEFA European Football Championship, which will be hosted by France, 1 will start in June and 2016 will last for months.

Eurostar, whose bookings have increased in recent weeks, estimates that half a million British will travel to France for this tournament.

Eurostar CEO Nicolas Petrovic said, “Football fans have a desire to come to Europe by train, to the extent that we have never met before. With the flights that will connect the city centers directly, the British supporters will move to the center of the incident in France. ”

Eurostar has direct high-speed trains from London to Paris, Lyon, Marsiliya and Lille where Euro 2016 matches will be played.



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