The priority ropeway in transportation

Priority ropeway in transportation: Describing the local and foreign city designers, Ankara and the projects of the city, Gökçek said they will give priority to the ropeway in transportation.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gokcek, domestic and foreign city designers, Ankara's yesterday, present and future projects. Speaking at the Ideal Cities Summit, Gökçek stated that Ankara's priority in transportation is now ropeway and monorail. Mayor Gökçek said, Başkan There is not enough space on the road. Due to the cheap, we now prefer the ropeway, Ucuz he said. Gokcek also provided information about the new regulations to relieve traffic in Ankara.

Noting the projects related to the Nation, Gökçek said: Ç We will have very serious projects for the nation. The traffic of the Ottoman Bank's historical building will be underneath and the YIBA Bazaar will go up. Çankırı Street will be fully expropriated and dormitory buildings will be built. It will become a pedestrian way, and we will also popularize Ulus. Y

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