Fahrettin Altay - Narlidere Construction School HRS Project Construction Tender to End of Year


İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fahrettin Altay - Narlidere Construction School HRS Project Completion of the projects

Final projects will be sent to AYGM after the projects are submitted to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for the tender of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fahrettin Altay - Narlıdere Employment School Light Rail System Construction. With the approval of the necessary approvals, specification preparation studies will begin. After the completion of the works, it is planned to come out to the construction tender. EIA was not required for the project in question in the past months. The cost of the project prepared by the EIA Report Mavi Çevre Project was determined as 734.3 25.000 TL.

The first phase between Fahrettin Altay - Narlıdere is 4.5 km and 5 stations. The second stage between Narlıdere - Engineering School will be a total of 6 km and 4 stations, 10,5 stations 9 km long. The stations planned on Fahrettin Altay - Engineering School Line are as follows:

  1. Balçova
    2- Contemporary
  2. September 9
  3. Fine Arts
  4. Narlıdere
  5. sites
  6. governorship
  7. lodgings
  8. I lstihka

The construction of the line planned as the continuation of the current system will be carried out in two stages.

As it is known, the work of preparing the feasibility report of the tender, tender documents and application projects kazanA contract was signed with an Prota Mühendislik on 17 June 2015 for a price of 1.981.715 TL. The company is expected to deliver the projects to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at the end of June.

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