Horizon 2020 - Shift2rail Studies Conducted by DATEM Operation Directorate

Horizon 2020 - Shift2rail Studies conducted by DATEM Operation Directorate: The membership process for the Shift2Rail Joint Venture is carried out by DATEM Operation Management on behalf of TCDD.

The Horizon 2020 program to be implemented by the European Commission will support the R & D projects to be carried out between 2014-2020 years. As part of the development of innovative R & D projects for the European Union, the Shift2Rail (S2R) joint venture in the railway sector has been designated as the only authorized body by the European Commission. The founding members of this joint venture, established with the aim of establishing a common railway technology for the European railway industry, are Alstom, Ansaldo STS, Bombardier, CAF, Siemens, Thales NetworkRail and Trafikverket together with the European Commission.

The main purpose of the projects offered under the joint venture is to reduce the costs by increasing the service life of the railway systems, to keep up with the increasing transportation capacity, to develop a safer and environmentally friendly transportation technology of railway systems.

The membership process of our organization to the Shift2Rail Joint Venture is being carried out by the European Rail Operating Community Consortium (EUROCM) coordinated by UIC and by the DATEM Operations Directorate on behalf of TCDD. Only one of our institutions can participate as a member of this kind of joint venture. Our membership process is officially supported by TÜBİTAK.

The work packages proposed by DATEM were included in the project proposals prepared by the Shift2Rail Joint Venture and the project proposals submitted to the EU Commission by the technical staff of researcher personnel who are experts in the subjects of the Directorate and in the IN2SMART and IN2RAIL projects submitted to the EU Commission.

The IP (Innovation Program) 2, which is determined by the Shift5Rail Joint Venture and is based on project proposals, is set out in the title.

IP 1 - Railway vehicles

IP 2 - Signaling

IP 3 - Infrastructure

IP 4 - Passenger services

IP 5 - Freight transport

Our organization will participate in R & D projects that will be realized in this innovation program IP 3 - Infrastructure innovation program. The IN2016SMART and IN2RAIL projects, which will start in the 2 year, will be carried out by specialist research staff working in the DATEM Directorate of Operations.

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