Chinese Ambassador to Hongyang in Erzurum

Chinese Ambassador Hongyang in Erzurum: The Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Ankara, Yu Hongyang, visited the Erzurum Governorate and Metropolitan Municipality.

Hongyang and accompanying Chinese businessmen visited the Governor of Erzurum Ahmet Altıparmak in his office and expressed their goodwill wishes.

In his statement, Hongyang said that they came to Erzurum to attend the symposium organized by Atatürk University and to discuss the future projects of the province in the field of investment.

Stating that they wanted to learn in what areas they could cooperate, Hongyang said, “The relations between the two countries developed very rapidly. Recently, the high-speed train project was discussed between the transport ministers of the two countries. With the start of this project, the development of Erzurum will accelerate even more. " he spoke.

Governor Altıparmak stated that Erzurum is located on the Silk Road due to its location and that it has always maintained its importance.

When the high-speed rail and the Tabriz-Beijing connection were established, this place became even more important. kazanStating that he will do this, Altıparmak said, “Not only Erzurum, but also the provinces and even the countries in the region will get their share from this. The representatives of these big companies here should act quickly on this high-speed train line, namely the Beijing-Istanbul line.” said.

During the visit, Governor Altıparmak presented Ambassador Hongyang with a oltu stone rosary and a china plate with Erzurum logo, while Hongyang gave a china vase as a gift.

On the other hand, Ambassador Hongyang visited Mehmet Sekmen, Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and received information about the economic situation of the city.

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