Stolen car alarm on Merter tram line

Stolen car alarm on Merter tram line: A long effort was taken to remove the stolen car from the tram line alarmed by police teams

The stolen automobile police that were dropped on the tram line in Merter got ridiculed. Police teams and firefighters were mobilized to lift the car on the tramway.

The car was found to have been abandoned by the suspects of theft.

According to the information obtained, the incident, Bağcılar - Kabataş The tram line took place around 07.00:XNUMX in the morning near the Merter Tekstil Site stop. Suspected persons allegedly involved in the theft, wanted to escape from the scene with the license plate and the car learned to be stolen. Realizing the situation, he started chasing after the police teams and suspects. As a result of the chase that lasted for a while, the suspect entered the tramway to escape from the police teams. The tires of the car used by the suspects entering the tramway soon exploded and could not stand the rails. Understanding that they would be caught after the tires burst, the suspects found the cure leaving the car on the tramway.

Police teams to the scene, the firefighters for the removal of the car they were informed. Firefighters and police first attempted to remove the car failed. Teams trying to remove the car by pushing the vehicle, the fire truck could not succeed, this time has activated the fire truck. The car was connected to the crane by a rope. The loaded car was taken to the car park.

Tramways were provided in a controlled manner during the works. During the removal of the car with the help of a crane on the tram line electricity cut and pause occurred about 15 minute pauses.



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