Cable Car Stopped Citizens Downloaded

Teleferik Stopped Citizens AKUT Downloaded: The citizens who want to spend the weekend at Bağbaşı Zeytinli Plateau with the ropeway were left behind. For safety reasons, the ropeway service was stopped.

Denizli, which is indispensable for the weekends, went to Bagbasi Plateau with a cable car. Those who came to the plateau with the cable car remained unfit. The ski lifts were rainy and extremely windy, so the ropeways didn't work. 400 citizen is recovered here by the AKUT Team said.

Accidents occurred because of the loss of steering dominance on the roads, which became slippery due to rainfall until today. In addition, the people who want to spend a nice Sunday in the Bağbaşı Zeytinli Plateau due to the fact that the cable cars did not work was added to the disadvantage of the highland. In the morning, the cable car went to Bağbaşı Zeytinli Plateau and the citizens panicked when they saw the ropeways not working because of the storm and the extreme wind. In order to avoid any negative situation, the officials stopped the ropeway flights, and the above citizens asked for help from AKUT.

AKUT Denizli teams made sure that the citizens, who were in a confused position on the plateau, came down safely. The citizens were so relaxed that they took a breath.

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