Bursa Terminal Tram Line Stopping Decision

Bursa Terminal Tramway Line Decision: arı
Construction of the tram line began, construction equipment and trucks were on the field, but about 2 weeks ago, the work stopped.
Bursa, wondering.
Following the administrative objections of the company that lost the tender, we were also curious because we wrote that he opened an administrative case in Ankara.
In the case of Öztimurlar, who objected to the protest, the court requested the correction of the deficiency of Ultra Teknoloji's documents.
Ultra Technology kept its coolness on the grounds that it was not a problem for itself and would make necessary corrections.
Öztimurlar, who takes the judicial search to the judiciary, expects a decision in favor of the Council of State with the experience of Kestel Line, which is the services and contractor of Bursa.
The Public Procurement Authority is on the agenda of the Council of State with its appeal against the decision made in favor of Ultra Technology.
Measures ...
Metropolitan Municipality, on the grounds of uncertainty regarding the outcome of the tender, the company that had undertaken the job, asked 2 to stop construction before the week.
Yesterday's warm development D
Ultra Technology, on the grounds of being able to remove the trenches and environmental risks, has resumed their own machines and trucks yesterday.
The Metropolitan Municipality was told that it would warn the firm to stop its re-started works.
Now, eyes gözler
The Council of State!

Source: Serkan İNCEOĞLU - http://www.bursahakimiyet.com.tr



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