Transportation is More Convenient in Bursa Beşevler (Video)

Transportation in Bursa Beşevler is Now Easier: Within the scope of the works carried out by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in order to make Bursa more livable and healthy, escalators and elevators, which relieve transportation to Ataevler and Beşevler, started to be used.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, BursaRay Beşevler Station in his review, the transportation to the lifts and a lift to Besevler presented to the service of citizens, he said. President Altepe, Bursa is a livable, healthy quality city to continue to work on the road to speed, stating, "the solution of the problems that require solutions in the city one by one and we demonstrate our efforts to raise the standard of living of our people," he said.

Altepe said that they evaluated the demands from the citizens at this point. Ç Beşevler Station is located between the Ataevler and Beşevler neighborhoods in Nilüfer District. Because the elevation difference in Beşevler was high and downhill, especially children, the elderly and disabled citizens had difficulty in transportation here. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we moved to solve the problem here. In addition to the normal staircases, there are also escalators and disabled lifts. The sloping area caused by the difference in the jeans was made more beautiful by the landscaping. Kot



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