Binali Yıldırım Explained Transportation Projects in Samsun and Black Sea

Binali Yildirim talked about transportation projects in Samsun and Black Sea: Prime Minister Binali Yildirim described transportation projects in the Black Sea region during his term as Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

Istanbul-Sarp Black Sea Coast Road is part of the projects to be completed by 2023; Total 285 thousand 333 meters will be made of the tunnel when it is completed. ”Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, who is now the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said.


Could you give information about the ongoing road and tunnel works within the scope of the Black Sea Coastal Road Project in the challenging geography of the Black Sea?

We know that the Black Sea Coast Road is very important for the development of the region. Therefore, we want to complete it as soon as possible, we are continuing our work rapidly. Black Sea Coast Road, Samsun-Sarp and Samsun-Sinop-Zonguldak-Istanbul lines should be considered as two sectors. Among these sections, the 543-long Samsun-Sarp, namely the Eastern Black Sea Coast Road; The split road and the bituminous hot mixture were completed in previous years. On the way, construction works are continuing on Ünye and Ordu Ring Road, which are designed to solve the traffic problems in the city transitions. We are aiming to complete the 13,5 kilometer-long Ünye Ring Road at the end of the 2013 year and the 19 kilometer-long Ordu Ring Road as of the 2015. The construction of the 13019 double tube tunnel in the 3 meters, which is located on the Ordu Ring Road, is still in progress. On the Ünye Ring Road; 5215 pieces of double tube tunnel 2 meters in the construction work is still in progress. Between 653 and Samsun-Sinop-Zonguldak-Istanbul, the total of 278 km was completed as a divided road, and the remaining 375 is still underway in the project and construction works.

The construction of the 5590 double tube tunnel with a total length of 2 meters between Gerze and Sinop continues. In addition, the project between the Melenağzı-Akçakoca 2 930 units with a total length of 7 meters viaduct is located. Eastern Black Sea Coast Road; 6 provides services to countless small residential areas throughout the province, 63 district, 17 suburb, 9 port, 2 airport and the coast.

Due to its geographical location, the 8 international road route which passes through the borders of our country is located on the Eastern Black Sea Coast Road because of its location on the transition corridor between Europe and Asia. In this process, the important ports of our country in this region, the Caucasus and the Central Asian region to provide transportation from this route, the route had to be converted into the whole of the route has been divided. With the opening of the Black Sea Coast Road, which was completed as a divided road in 6, the length of the road was reduced from 2007 to 559. The total expenditure made up to now in this segment is over 543 billion million. As for Samsun-Sinop-Zonguldak-Istanbul. Especially the Bosphorus Strait 8. Project and construction works were accelerated along with the Highway Crossing Project. Istanbul-Sarp Black Sea Coast Road; Sinop-Sarp is expected to be completed by 347. In Sinop-Istanbul, however, the construction works in the completed parts of the project have been completed, but due to the topographical characteristics of the region, there are sections which cannot be completed yet. Therefore; Istanbul-Sarp Black Sea Coast Road is part of the projects to be completed by 3; According to the preliminary projects between Sinop and Istanbul, along with the tunnel lengths, the total length of the 2015 thousand 2023 meters will be constructed.

The total expenditure made so far in this segment is also about 2 billion 994 million pounds. So when we put the two parts together, the total expenditure to date on the Black Sea Coast Road between Istanbul and Sarp is 11 billion 341 million TL.

Black Sea Coast Road; Will the third bridge in the Bosphorus and the tube passage within Marmaray be integrated?

See the construction of the Paşandira - Ş and -Ağva -Kandira -Kaynarca - Akçakoca (2 × 3) road to be built in the part between Istanbul and Zonguldak, and the traffic in the north of Zonguldak, Düzce provinces and Sakarya and Kocaeli provinces quickly and reliably from a shorter distance. Integration with the Highway Crossing Project will be provided. With the completion of these roads, a significant relief will be provided in Istanbul traffic, and the completion of the section between Sinop and Zonguldak will enable the integration of the Eastern Black Sea Coastal Road.

-Karade, Turkey's wettest region. On the coast road, heavy rainfalls and their flowing into the sea are not adequately calculated

The Black Sea Coast Road is projected considering the climatic and geographical conditions of the region. Bridges and culverts to provide natural flow are sufficient in size and numerical.


- Are projects such as high-speed train projects for the development of the Black Sea Region railway transportation?

Samsun is a very important city for both our country and railways due to its location. We invested 2003 million 2012 thousand pounds in 13-292.

This year, we have allocated 6 million 443 thousand pounds investment allowance for railway investments. Remember if Turkey-Russia Railway and Seaway in February Samsun-Kavkaz Train Feri Line scope of Combined Transport Project we opened with great ceremony. This line is very important in terms of the combined transportation model as well as the formation of a north-south transportation corridor. The railroads loaded from the port of Kavkaz were transported to Samsun, Europe, Asia and the Middle East via rail. We established our first logistics center in Gelemen as railways.

We will make investments such as construction of Gelemen Logistics Management Building, placing electronic wagon weigher in this center, making the project between Samsun-Kalın Line and Ladik-Suluova stations to some areas, and renovating the Samsun Gar building. Apart from that, unfortunately, the current Samsun-Çarşamba line is not used today. However, there are two lines electric and signal Samsun-Çarşamba-Fatsa Railway Project, which is designed by our General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments.

In the case of a modern business, we think that there will be a significant demand for freight and passengers. In the case of the construction of the railway line, significant industrial investments will be realized especially in Ünye, Terme and Fatsa regions. It will make an important contribution to the marketing of the products of the region which have economic value in domestic and abroad.

In addition, Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Gümüşhane -Tirebolu Railway Project with a second line departing from Erzincan-Gümüşhane gesTrabzon and Gümüşhane for the purpose of delivering the additional capacity to be established in our Northern ports within the framework of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation. Project and preliminary studies are in progress. We are also implementing the Adapazarı-Bartın Railway Project in order to connect the Black Sea Ereğli Demir Çelik, Karabük Iron and Steel factories and Karasu, Ereğli and Bartın Ports to the existing railways in Adapazarı. It will be electric and signaled on double line. 271 is a kilometer project. The construction of the Adapazarı-Karasu Port section of the project is currently underway.

We have completed the preliminary project works of Trabzon-Erzincan YHT (High Speed ​​Train Line) which will contribute greatly to the development of Trabzon. So now we have finished the preliminary project work. It's a line of 250 miles. When the line is built, it will be possible to travel from Trabzon to the capital Ankara. Trabzon, YHT comfort, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Eskisehir and Konya will be able to connect. This will be a very nice alternative travel option for our people living in the Eastern Black Sea Region.

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