Belgian Railroad workers started general strike on the agenda (Video)

Belgian Railroad workers started the general strike: the strike launched by railroad workers in the south of Belgium in the Walloon Region against austerity measures brought the rail transport to a standstill in this part of the country on its fifth day.

Road traffic congestion over the 400 long lines have passed the kilometer.

Public Services Union (CGSP) called for a general strike in May 31 airports and services in many public institutions may be interrupted.

Valery Michel, a consignee in a transport company, says that roads in Brussels are closed, they receive phones that delay their customers, drivers are under pressure, but they don't have anything.

The Belgian government wants to implement the labor law, which requires the employees of the state-controlled railway company SNCB, the 34 bin, to extend their working hours and remove additional payments.

The unions held a protest in the capital city of Brussels in Brussels on Tuesday, raising around 38 a thousand people, raising their retirement age, raising the weekly working time from 45 to 60 hours, and reducing their social aid spending.



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