Balıkesir University organizes a tour to Gökköy Logistics Center

Balıkesir University organized a tour to Gökköy Logistics Center: A technical tour was organized to the Gökköy Logistics Center on the 25.05.2016 by the students of the logistics department.

Balıkesir University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Head of Department of International Trade and Logistics Assist. Assoc. Technical visits to Gökköy Logistics Center were organized by the logistics department students under the direction of Dr. Suat Kara.

Technical tour TCDD 3. Regional Directorate Cargo Service Manager Service Assistant Director made a presentation to the students by Abel Commandments Logistics Centers, TCDD's freight activities, 6461 No. "Turkey About Liberalization of Railway Transport" content of the law and TCDD was given general information about the restructuring.

The units and facilities in Gökköy Logistics Center were visited together with the students participating in the trip and short information was given to the students about locomotives, wagons and railway operations by the relevant unit supervisors.

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