Alsancak Station Front Traffic

alsancak gari
alsancak gari

Lancet to the front traffic of Alsancak Gar: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took action with the necessary permits for the work to eliminate the traffic congestion in the Alsancak Gar district. With the retrieval of the TCDD wall, the 100 meter in the 50 meter section of the total 2.5 meter editing area will be extended to the double lane.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Alsancak Atatürk Street to relieve the heavy traffic flow, Alsancak Station about a section of the 100 meters in order to expand the road began to work with the necessary permissions. Metropolitan Municipality, before it can be withdrawn from the wall of the TCDD Cultural Heritage Conservation District Board, from behind the State Railways of the Republic of Turkey was waiting for the necessary permits.

Greater rent pays

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 2000 in the protocol with the TCDD, Ataturk Street, Sait Altinordu Vahap Özaltay Square between the remaining part of the 249 thousand TL rent has been paid so far. Within the framework of the new road expansion work on the aforementioned street, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed a second lease protocol for the areas not covered by the protocol, will pay an annual rent of 55 thousand TL.

What to do?

With the work initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the 100 meter section of the Alsancak Station wall, located in the part of Atatürk Street after crossing the Vahap Özaltay Square, will be demolished and taken back. In the direction of going from Alsancak to Konak, the double lane wall will be made in one section due to the wall and double lane will be protected along Atatürk Street. In this way, Talatpaşa, Poet Eşref and Ziya Gökalp Boulevard came from the city center, KarşıyakaThe vehicles will go to Vahap Özaltay Square, then the opportunity to progress double lanes. In the 100-meter section of the total 50-meter editing area, the path will be extended to the double lane by expanding the 2.5-meter.



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