Skiing will be enjoyed in Aladağ this year

Skiing will be enjoyed in Aladag this year: Derbent Aladag Ski Center, which is under construction in Konya, was reported to be opened in December.

The center will be established in Aladağ, which has an altitude of 50 meters, 2 kilometers away from the center of Konya, and will provide a “blue zone” for novices, a “red track” for professionals, and a cable car and social facilities that will extend from the district to the summit.

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, said in a statement, said Derbent district of the ski resort to be established at a distance of 4 km.

Explaining that they are making investigations in the facilities in Erciyes, which is a project of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Acar stated that they are working with the technical delegation there.

- Crystal snow structure

one of Turkey's major ski resorts with a total track length of the field of Aladag might expressing Acar, "the height of the ski area, crystal snow structure, the center of Konya 50-kilometer distance and native plants not only during the winter with a blanket, can be made of many extreme sports throughout the year Aladag, which has the opportunity, is expected to be a serious attraction. ” he spoke.

Acar stated that there will be a 300-meter-long ski track, which is called the “blue zone” in the ski center and prepared for beginners, as well as social facilities that can be used daily, and the “red track” areas to be used by professionals from the district center.

50 million pounds investment in the ski resort stating that Acar, said:

“Our deputies have taken promises from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Development. Hopefully, we are trying to raise the first phase of the facility to December by providing these resources. We aim to complete the first phase of the center this year and open it in December. How interesting it is to have a ski center in Dubai, it will be interesting to have a ski center in a city in the middle of the steppe like Konya. The facility will host guests coming from nearby cities and districts as well as ski lovers living in Konya. ”

- Up to 70 percent incentive will be given

Acar underlined that Konya will reach a much richer and more ambitious point in sports tourism with this facility that will increase the brand value of Konya.

Acar emphasized that the private sector that will invest in the ski center after the declaration of Aladağ's tourism incentive area will benefit from incentives up to 60-70 percent, “After the completion of the first stage, we expect a serious investor here. said.

Acar, which is a place frequented by many ski enthusiasts before the completion of the facility, said that the families experienced skiing and sledding in the period when the snow thickness was high.