Cableway should be installed at Akdag Summit

Cableway to the Akdağ Summit should be established: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Council Deputy Chairman Av. Yusuf Garip, Çivril Akdag summit wanted to establish a cable car.

The Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality met in May in Çivril. MHP Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Council Group Deputy Chairman of the meeting. Yusuf Garip, Çivril Akdag proposed the establishment of cable cars to the summit.

Garip, in his speech dı Çivril district is the most fertile soils of self-sufficient agriculture and livestock breeding is done in our county. In agriculture, not only apples, but cherries, peaches, sunflower seeds, pear walnuts, such as agricultural products are grown and trade is a district. Besides, the unspoiled nature is a richness that is waiting to be discovered with its natural beauties.

It is a pity that with its Gümüşsu waterfall, Akdağ nature and national park and Tokalı Canyon with its lighted lake, it has a unique beauty. However, it is a pity that these beauties cannot be brought to the fore in terms of introducing our city and province. In order to bring these beauties to the tourism of nature, the development plan and the environmental regulations by the Metropolitan Municipality and Çivril Municipality should be realized rapidly and the nature and nature lovers should be presented to the taste of the region. It will be. In order to make this region a center of attraction in terms of nature tourism, it is necessary that the Çivril-Dinar highway, which is in the Plan of the Ministry of Transport but cannot be started for a long time, has to be turned into a double road and thus a comfortable and safe transportation should be provided to the citizens coming here. Bu

Could not be a center
Garip, who wants a zoning plan study covering all the neighborhoods surrounding the Isikli Lake, said,, The people who come and know the Gümüşsu Waterfall, Işıklı Lake and the Akdağ National and Nature Park return to their homes after a few hours of visit. The reason for this is; Due to insufficient physical conditions in meeting social needs, accommodation and daily basic needs of people in the region, this region could not be a center of attraction for our people. The 73 is an 2 altitude freshwater lake covering an area of ​​km820, and a city plan covering all the neighborhoods surrounding Işıklı Lake, which includes fish diversity, should be carried out. All around the lake, vehicle, as well as pedestrian and bicycle paths can be visited by visiting the environment will not harm the natural texture should be done. To make a park or social reinforcement area in only a part of the lake will not make the region a center of attraction. Modern accommodation such as a hotel and motel hostel must be provided in order to make the lake and nature scenery unsuitable for the construction of the natural texture near the lake. The lake should be made more modern boats to visit without harming the environmental texture. In this way, the Gümüşhane waterfall will be added to the region in terms of the promotion and development of the region by staying with modern accommodation in the region rather than the day tours of those who come to visit Akdağ Nature and National Park. . The concrete examples of this are seen in Bolu Abant Lake, Lake Mogan Lake Ankara and Sapanca Rose in Eğirdir Lakes. Bun

The fact that the construction of the ropeway to the summit of Akdağ would add value to the region, çekim We need to realize projects that will bring added value to the region and bring awareness to make the lake and its surroundings a center of attraction. The most important project to be done for this purpose is the establishment of a cable car to the summit of Akdağ from the point where Akdağ meets the lake, the source of the waters that feed the Lake. Our citizens who come to the summit of the mountain should be provided to see the unique natural beauty of Işıklı Lake and the beauty of all the Çivril Plain. Due to the fact that Akdag, which is going to take off with a ropeway, is a national park, it should be ensured that the unique beauties it hosts within the structure and that it is brought into tourism. Again Akdag ropeway and parachute parachute flight and paragliding in this area should be encouraged to do. The beauty of Akdağ nature and national park is as follows: Tokalı Canyon, Cattle Tail Plateau, northwest of Obruk plateau Citrus tree (Taxus baccata) community Barbarea hedgeana, which was first introduced to the scientific world from this field, Polygonum afyonicum plants Predatory birds such as the Black Vulture, Bearded Vulture, Akkuyruk Kartal, Kaya Eagle and Little Eagle. We, as MHP Metropolitan Council Members, will continue to be the followers of the issues of our districts to be visited every month and the realization of the necessary services. Biz

Osman Zolan, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, said, ın Everything starts with imagination. We can evaluate the cable car project to the summit of Akdag in the coming periods Ak.