Adana-Mersin railway line to increase the number of projects is progressing rapidly

The project, which will increase the number of Adana-Mersin railway lines to four, is rapidly progressing.

TCDD 6. Work is underway for the four railway networks between Adana and Mersin which are projected by the Regional Directorate. Due to the fact that level crossings will be completely closed within the scope of the project, overpasses are made to village roads. In this context, an overpass is built on the section of the Yunusoğlu neighborhood (village) of Tarsus.

In the tender, which was held in the past months, in which the double railway line between Adana and Mersin, at a distance of approximately 68 kilometers, was aimed to be extended to 4 lines, Dalgıçlar - Nuhoğlu - Transportation Construction company was awarded. kazanThe project is expected to cost approximately 200 million TL.

The Tarsus part of the project, which caused controversy, is still unclear. kazanmade At the end of the project, where all level crossings in Tarsus will be closed, “where will the underpass or overpass be built?” In addition to the debate, the idea of ​​putting the train lines underground is not accepted on the grounds that it will increase the cost.

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