Meeting held between DTD and TCDD CER Office

A meeting was held between the DTD and the TCDD CER Department: A meeting was held at the TCDD General Directorate Building in Ankara between DTD Board of Directors and General Directorate of TCDD. Veysi Kurt also attended a part of the meeting. At the meeting, which was attended by President of the Ceramined Conductor Mehmet Bayraktutar and his team, opinions and suggestions about “Cargo Wagons Maintenance Management Agreement Prepared for Zilyed Hüküm and“ Cargo wagons Maintenance Unit if prepared for Maintenance Unit within the framework of Hazır Cotif Provisions ı were expressed. The DTD forwarded to the authorities about certain articles of the contracts and agreed that the agreements would be revised and forwarded to the DTD as a result of the agreed views.

The meeting to be held on TTN 340 will be held in 03 June 2016 again at TCDD Headquarters.

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 18:25

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  1. TTŞ is a technical contract belonging to 340 institutions. It is not necessary to come to an agreement with DTD for this contract. TCDD prepares the technical conditions. companies are ensured to comply with the articles. The purpose of this meeting should not be to soften the TTŞ.