Revolutionary projects in the agenda of the 65 Government

xnumx'inc revolutionary project in the Government's agenda: the ongoing mega projects with Turkey in a giant building site. 65. The government plans to accelerate further. Here are the ongoing projects in all sectors, from transportation to health, from energy to defense,

The 65 Government, which was established under the Prime Minister's Office of Binali Yıldırım, will stand out with its X executive ğ direction. In this context, the giant projects of vital importance for Turkey, will be completed and put into service during this government. Among the revolutionary projects on land, air, sea and railways are 3. 3 from the Bridge. From the Eurasia Tunnel to the High Speed ​​National Train Project, there are also projects that were announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and played the leading role in the construction of Prime Minister Yildirim.

Here are some highlights from the inci Project Agenda lar of the 65 Government.

THE YSS BRIDGE THREE MONTHS AFTER: Recent works are being carried out at the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, where President Erdoğan and Yıldırım made the last source. The bridge will be launched at 26 August 2016.

THE COUNTRY IN EH BIG AIRPORT: 3 in Istanbul will be the biggest in the world. The airport will be put into service at 26 February 2018. The airport will be opened on the birthday of President Erdoğan.

EURASIA TUNNEL COMES: After Marmaray, the Eurasian Tunnel which will unite both sides of Istanbul was approached to the end. The 1.1 billion-dollar project is targeted to be completed by the end of the year or at the beginning of the 2017.

LAST PROCESS IN METROLAR: In Ankara, Başkentray, Tandoğan-Keçiören Metro, AKMGar-Kızılay Metro will be completed this period. One after the other will be the winner of the 65 Government.

ISTANBUL TRAFFIC WILL RELEASE: The 2,2 km light rail system line with a cost of 19 billion TL will be completed this year in Istanbul. It is stated that the system will ease the traffic together with the 3rd Bridge and the Eurasia Tunnel. From Üsküdar-Altunizade-Ümraniye-Dudullu to Kartal-Kaynarca, from Kaynarca-Sabiha Gökçen line Kabataş- Projects will be completed until the Mahmutbey line.

IRRIGATION NETWORKS WITH YHTS: Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, which is eagerly awaited by citizens, will go down to 1,5 from Ankara to Istanbul. Project work started.

Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train Project infrastructure construction will start. 2015 year 4,2 billion TL. Istanbul-Antalya, Istanbul-Izmir-Aydin, Zonguldak-Mersin, Samsun-Çorum-Kınkkale- Ankara, Samsun-Gaziantep, including high-speed trains will be made.

NATIONAL TRAIN COMING: High Speed ​​Train (YHT) projects will be launched one by one, the er High Speed ​​National Train Project: will be implemented in the coming period. The first place will be operational at YHT 2018. Divided Road Projects will continue. Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir (Izmit Gulf Crossing and Connection Roads) Motorway Project 6.7 will be completed at 2020 for a billion dollars.

LOCAL AUTOMOBILE PROJECT: Work is underway in the Domestic Brand Automobile Project. In the coming period, the new Science Industry and Technology will be completed by the work of Bakam Faruk Özlü.

REGIONAL AIRCRAFT REVERSE SAVIM: Regional aircraft construction project is expected to change the face of the region, 2023 until the year of the national regional aircraft will be made. The work will be carried out by the 65 Government.

HURKUS will ENDS: Turkey's national training aircraft will also be used Hürkuş time this government. With the Hürkuş-B Project, 2019 training aircraft are planned up to 15.

TANK, SHIP, HELICOPTER: ATAK Project will launch 3,4 billion dollar 59 helicopter. Altay National Tank Project will be produced 250 tank will be produced National (MUMLGEM) manufacturing will continue.

KANAL ISTANBUL WILL BE BASED IN: The preparations for the Channel Istanbul Project are ongoing. The construction will start with the completion of the necessary tenders. With the 40-45 km project, the traffic on the Bosphorus will be relieved.

YUSUFELI TWO YEARS LATER: Yusufeli, the world's third largest dam, will be completed in 2018. President Erdogan, last week, the dam had made the examination.

XIII in ILISU: Ilısu Dam and HEPP Project will be completed in 2017 with 5.5 billion TL.

NEW PERIOD IN NATURAL GAS STORAGE: With the number of projects to be carried out in the energy field, the Salt Lake Natural Gas Underground Storage Project will be completed in 2.1 with 2018 billion TL.

LOCAL FIRST SATELLITES: first domestic communications satellite Turksat-6 to be produced and Turkey, will be one of the 10 between countries in this area. Gokturk-3 Project will be done with intelligence satellite.

NEW PORTS IN DENİZ: Giant ports such as Filyos, Mersin, Çandarlı will be built. These ports will also be the stamp of the 65 Government.

THE FIRST FLOW IN TANAPTA IN 2018: The first gas flow in TANAP, one of the vital projects for the transportation of energy resources in the Caspian to Europe, will start at 2018.

ŞEHİR HASTANELBU YOLDA: From Istanbul to Ankara, from İzmir to Kayseri 32 581 health campus with 24 beds will be completed this period.

URBAN TRANSFORMATION: Within the scope of urban transformation, 6,5 million units will be converted to 2023.

New Environment and Urbanization Bakam Mehmet Özhaseki plans to realize a significant part of the target in this process. In the same way, the 25 stadium will cost 3,2 billion in 28.

REGIONAL PROJECTS WILL BE COMPLETED: GAP, DAP, DOKAP, KOP projects will be completed in this period.

Silvan Dam and connected intermediate storage will be completed with a budget of 5.7 billion TL and 193 will be irrigated over one thousand thousand hectares.

Project agenda

Turkey's giant projects to be launched at the newly established Government xnumx'inc period. Under normal conditions, 65 will continue until November 1. The government will focus on the following projects;

1-) Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be opened in 26 August 2016 exactly three months later.

2-) 3 in Istanbul will be the largest in the world. The airport will be put into service at 26 February 2018.

3-) The third largest dam in the world, Yusufeli, will be completed in 2018.

4-) will be operational in the first local YHT 2018 with the High-Speed ​​National Train Project.

5-) The Eurasia Tunnel will be completed at the end of this year or at the beginning of 1.1 at a cost of 2017 billion dollars.

6-) In Ankara, Başkentray, Tandoğan-Keçiören Metro and AKM-Gar-Kızılay Metro will be completed this year.

8-) Salt Lake Natural Gas Underground Storage Project will be finished at 2.1 with 2018 billion TL.

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