Turkey will unite with China Railways

Turkey will unite with China Railways: Silk Road 3 'corridor' over China who want to revive, Turkey, including the Central Corridor will invest $ 8 trillion. Two giant steps were taken in the Turkish Grand National Assembly to pave the way for the Silk Road.

The 'Silk Road' and 'railway cooperation' agreement plans, which foresee a budget of 40 billion dollars and are planned to spend 750 million dollars for investments each year, passed the commission in the Parliament.

21 trillion dollars to open up to the world, concerning 65 country, three-legged, "Belt and Road" project step by step the Chinese want to implement, via Russia, "Northern Corridor to, via Iran, 'to give effect to the South Line also aims at Turkey and Europe to the Central Asian Republics, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China.

predicting $ 40 billion budget for the first stage according to Milliyet and planned to spend $ 750 million for investments every year, 'Central Corridor' under signed between Turkey and China, 'Silk Road Economic Belt of 21st century sea Silk Road and the harmonization of the Central Corridor Initiative Draft Memorandum of Understanding 'with' Turkey-China Railway Cooperation Agreement 'it passed the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission.


Inin The Middle Corridor is one of the most important components of the revitalization of the historical Silk Road, ır said Ambassador Ali Naci Koru, Deputy Foreign Minister. Protect the Central Corridor route, with the Northern Corridor is located in Russia, where in Iran, noted that Turkey was the most important gain for the creation of an alternative to the South Line.

Mert Işık, the representative of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced that China foresees an 8 trillion-dollar budget for the Central Corridor, where it plans to integrate with Europe.


The second important agreement between China and Turkey, "Railway Cooperation Agreement 'which passed the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission. The bill, which will be enacted in the General Assembly in the coming days, will be only around 2 thousand kilometers in the Silk Road project. With the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars project, the Edirne-Kars high-speed train project will be a component of the Middle Corridor.


The Chinese government is willing to join China railways with Europe, Kazakhstan between China and Britain, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, is considering to build high-speed trains to Belgium and France connectivity. 150 is expected to be completed between 2020 and 2025 of the project calculated to cost $ 1 billion.


Silk Road between China and Turkey Economic Belt, 21. The Draft Amendment to the Reconciliation of the Silk Road and the Central Corridor Initiative for the 21st Century Sea includes the following regulations:

  • Political Co-ordination: Dialogues and exchanges on key development strategies, plans and policies between the two countries will be held regularly. Communication and coordination of the main macro-policies will be strengthened.
  • Facilitating Access: highway, railway, civil aviation, ports, as well as oil and gas pipelines, power lines network and the telecommunications network, including in Turkey, and in third countries on China to cooperate in bilateral infrastructure projects. Cooperation between ports on cargo transport will be strengthened, functional efficiency and capacity will be increased. To cooperate in drinking water safety, flood control and disaster mitigation, water saving irrigation and other water conservation projects. Traffic accessibility, transport network security and cross-border transportation will be facilitated.
  • Financial Integration: The use of local currencies will be expanded in trade and investment, and the TL - yuan currency swap agreement will be used. Interbank investments in Turkey and China will be promoted effectively. Financial institutions will provide financing support and service incentives for investment and commercial cooperation.
  • Man-to-person bond: changes from person to person will be encouraged. Medium and long-term cultural exchange cooperation model will be established. Sister city networks will be established. Cooperation agreements will be signed on issues such as media, environmental protection, education, health, culture, culture centers, art, tourism, poverty reduction, social welfare. The media, think-tanks, students and youth exchanges will be accelerated between the two countries.

  • Fund cooperation: In particular, the Infrastructure and Investment Bank, including the state and social co-operative capital, the Silk Road Fund and other government funds, market operations, aid funds, international and social funds through these programs will be offered investment and financing.

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