3 percent of the 25rd Airport is completed

3% of the 25rd Airport is completed: The giant project 3rd Airport works are continuing at full speed. With the great investment made in the project, 25 percent of the airport was completed.

Nihat Özdemir, Limak Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors and Member of the Board of IGA, said that they have completed 25 percent of the new airport so far, and that they have spent 1,8 billion euros.

  1. He reminded that the works at the airport are continuing rapidly and that they will open the new airport in the first quarter of 2018.

Expressing that they have completed 25 percent of the new airport so far and spent 1,8 billion euros, Özdemir said, "Our President arrived at the new airport with 4 ministers accompanying him on Monday this week."

Özdemir gave information that a large meeting was held on the construction site up to 3 hours and he said that the whole area was visited both by air and by land.

Özdemir pointed out that they showed an exemplary terminal in the new airport to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and said, “Our Esteemed President frequently visits the new airport. He warned about the use of domestic products at the new airport. We are also working on this issue, ”he said.

Stating that the meeting with President Erdogan was very positive, Nihat Özdemir said, “Our President follows the disruptions in the project before us. The necessary program coordination has been achieved ”.

Stating that the schedule for the construction of the subway that will go to the new airport was also determined at the meeting, Özdemir stated that the roads, intersections and metro connections are planned to catch up with the opening of the airport in 2018.

Özdemir said, "When even the high-speed train will arrive was discussed in this meeting."

I believe the rate will drop to 2.70's

Özdemir also spoke about the financing of the new airport. He underlined that there is no problem in walking the credits for the project and that everything is progressing in time.

Regarding the volatility in the exchange rate recently, Özdemir said, “No businessman wants an increase in exchange rates. Because the conditions of Turkey's economy and indicators are currently unable to explain the cause of a way that no gains. I guess that after the AK Party Congress to be held on May 22, a new government will be established and I believe the exchange rate will fall to the level of 2,70 ”.

Özdemir added that they are always determined to participate in tenders and privatizations, which they find economical and can finance.

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