Evacuation of Tüvasaş Managers Arrested for Corruption

Corruption Arrested Tüvasas evacuation from the manager: in Sakarya, the state export cars in Bulgaria arrested under investigation for allegedly initiated harmed Turkey Wagon Industry Co. (TÜVASAŞ) former General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki and Marketing Department Head Saim Arslanlar were released.

Within the scope of the investigation initiated by the Sakarya Chief Public Prosecutor's Office last month, the former General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki, former Deputy General Manager Ömer B, former Chairman of the Inspection Board Hüseyin D and Marketing Department Head Saim Arslanlar were detained. İbrahim Ertiryaki and Saim Arslanlar, who were sent to the court, were arrested by the court where they were taken, while Ömer B and Hüseyin D. were released on the condition of judicial control.

The indictment prepared by the Sakarya Public Prosecutor's Office was sent to the Sakarya Heavy Penal Court on Duty. However, the court returned the indictment to the prosecutor's office that conducted the investigation due to the deficiency. Upon this, when the lawyers objected to the detention decision, the court decided that İbrahim Ertiryaki and Saim Arslanlar should be tried pending trial and released.


Located TCDD's subsidiary in Sakarya, Turkey Wagon Industry Joint Stock Company of the tender in wagons export business in 2010, and the contract because about 13 million 500 thousand public damage that occurred, had opened an investigation upon detection by inspectors and expert reports.

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