Road Safety and Driver Oriented Driving Training Project

Road Safety and Driver-Oriented Driving Training Project: General Directorate of Istanbul Electricity Tramway and Tunnel Enterprises (IETT) and the World Resources Institute (WRI) cruises in Turkey with the Sustainable Cities cooperation Istanbul in order to make them more secure "Road safety and driver-oriented driving training project Drivers were trained within the scope of ”.

In the trainings held at the IETT Anadolu Garage in Küçükbakkalköy, while theoretically road and driving safety and stress management in traffic were discussed, lessons were given in practice on sudden braking, wet speed control, safe turning and ergonomic driving techniques.

IETT Service Improvement Manager Ryan Bektas, Turkey WRI Office of Sustainable Cities said they undertook the coordination of the projects carried out in cooperation.

Bektas stated that the project consists of 2 basic phase and said:

“In the first stage, road safety studies were carried out on the lines determined by our road safety experts according to the accident type and accident rates with a high number of passengers. In these studies, issues such as intersections, signalizations and the locations of the stops on our routes were analyzed. These analyzes will be reported according to the relevant standards and by sharing them with the relevant parties, we will minimize the problems caused by the road that actually caused the accidents. The training was carried out in 2 stages. Safe driving, road and passenger safety and traffic stress management trainings were planned in the classroom trainings, and a team of 180 people, including 60 drivers and 240 supervisors, received training. Likewise, we developed an education project in which we can measure the driving performances with the black box application. This will be a completely driver-focused training. The main purpose of our project is to increase the service quality in public transportation, as well as to ensure that our passengers reach their destination in the safest and most comfortable way, and that our drivers can drive safely. "

WRI's Sustainable Cities Project Coordinator, Turkey Pinar Kose also noted that last year's October-November İETT project developed in conjunction with the General Directorate.

Kose, aims to find the road and vehicle and human factors that lead to traffic accidents and solutions, said it was to minimize accidents.

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