Skiing Season Ended in Yıldız Mountain

Ski Season Ended at Yıldız Mountain: It is reported that the ski season has ended at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center.

Salih Ayhan, General Secretary of Sivas Special Provincial Administration, stated in a written statement that the center had a busy winter season and that its aims were to be among the first ski centers in the country in 5.

Ayhan, who was working to develop the ski resort before the new season, to complete the deficiencies and to give better service to the citizens, said:

“We want to provide the best service to the citizen. Star Mountain into Turkey in the first 5 points of all the arguments, ideas and discussions have made. We believe that in the next season, it will be a ski center that will remain on the agenda with Yıldız Mountain races, promotion and news. During the season, there was an influx of visitors to Yıldız Mountain. While experiencing this, we saw our shortcomings and troubles. In addition, Yıldız Mountain came to the agenda in a positive way. What should we do despite this? We put them on the table. We discussed all issues such as drainage, artificial snowfall, landscaping, creating new areas, minimizing transportation problems, and providing a high level of connection between Tokat and Yıldız Mountain. After that, we will apply what we talk about on the field. ”

Stating that the new season will be very different for the center, Salih Ayhan stated that the next biggest goal is the training and promotion, and that they will be able to compete in the ski races by adapting the mountain to international standards.

Explaining that Yıldız Mountain is a model for many places, Ayhan said, “Many provinces are trying to benefit from here, Sivas gained a value. Yıldız Mountain became a brand of Sivas and our country. This brand will become more and more meaningful. I would like to thank our minister, deputies, governor, technical team and the people of Sivas for protecting Yıldız Mountain. ” found the assessment.

Yıldız Mountain's popularity rate is 73 percent

Salih Ayhan, who explained the results of the public survey conducted to analyze the reflections of investments as a public, as Sivas Special Provincial Administration, said, “The popularity of Yıldız Mountain Ski Center in the survey we have made is 73 percent. but not enough for us. We will increase this rate as much as possible. Our struggle will continue until we do not see Yıldız Mountain in Sivas. ” used expressions.

Ayhan noted that they will continue their promotional activities not only in Sivas, but also in Tokat, Çorum, Yozgat, Samsun and Ordu.