Yandex.Maps to Search in Marmaray

Yandex.Maps will search in Marmaray: Yandex, which updates its mobile map application, now offers the opportunity to search addresses in Marmaray, the subway and other moments when we cannot connect to the internet.

Yandex.Haritalar brings a solution to a meeting in Levent or Maslak, but if you don't remember where you are going, you will hesitate to find out which door you want to go out of the door. minutes walk.

Yandex.Haritalar mobile app doesn't need internet connection for address or location search after the last update. This allows users to view location addresses, phone numbers and working hours from the map application on their device. You can also add the searched places to your ”My Places Ayrıca list.

Quota-friendly city maps

Not everyone gets their smartphone from the 128 GB. Especially in the 8 and 16 GB phones, the city maps that require high capacity turn into fire shirts. The Yandex. Maps update also provides a quota-friendly solution to this problem: After the new update, the area covered by the maps has been significantly reduced. For example, Istanbul map with 1,9 GB size has been downloaded to 182 MB after new update.

BiTaksi Experience at Yandex.Haritalar is Renewed

Yandex.Haritalar mobile app, which has the capability of calling a taxi through BiTaksi to go to the searched point, offers two innovations in this field with the new update. When users call a taxi via BiTaksi with the application, they can see how many minutes the taxi will reach them through the application. The updated iOS and Android apps also show how much the taxi fare will cost to the destination. In this way, users can learn how much to pay for the journey before getting on a taxi.

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