Skiing from Uzundere to Palandoken

Ski Bridge from Uzundere to Palandöken: With the support of Uzundere District Governor's Office, the little students who came to Erzurum by traveling 170 kilometers experienced the happiness of learning to ski. Kindergarten children also learn to ski in April and receive a certificate. kazanwas.

Not a joke, but in Erzurum, the tiny students enjoyed the skiing even in April. Erzurum Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of sports activities did not slow down, while the provincial director's ski trainers taught ski students from Uzundere'dan. With the support of Hacı Aslan Uzan, the governor of Uzundere, the students who came to Erzurum had the chance to learn skiing and also managed to carve the certified skier. The 170 has traveled a kilometer, enjoying the learning of skiing with the help of the long-term students coming from Erzurum, the support of the District Governor Uzan and the facilities provided by Erzurum GHSİM.


Meanwhile, under the supervision of Coaches Ahmet Aktaş, Sinan Çemlek, Ömer Said Alaeddinoğlu and Kübra Yalınkılıç Erdoğmuş, a total of 159 students selected from the Skiway Cement Manufacturers Employers' Union Primary School and Police Amca Primary School were subjected to skiing, while students from Güleryüz and Neşe Erbek Children's Kindergarten were taught to ski. experienced happiness. Little students learn skiing and get a certificate with the opportunities provided by the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports at Palandöken Ski Center. kazanHe experienced the joy.

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