Cable Car Support for Trabzon Tourism

Ropeway Support to Trabzon Tourism: The ropeway planned to be built in Trabzon will provide a significant contribution to tourism which has gained significant momentum in recent years.

Metropolitan Trabzon Mayor Orhan Fevzi GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU, lush nature of the Eastern Black Sea, with history and culture in recent years has indicated that provides a significant improvement in tourism, especially from the Gulf countries.

Customs offices in the region trying to do their best to explain their efforts Customsçüoğlu, tourists to see tourists by acting according to the guests asked to contribute to tourism.

Emphasizing that it is important to apply clean services and equal wages in tourism, Gümrükçüoğlu stated that they also made investments to make tourism sustainable in the region.

In this context, they are conducting various studies in Trabzon, Customs, said:

Lazım Gulf tourism needs to be sustainable. For this, they need to create spaces where they can comfortably fit their culture. In restaurants, it is important to present some of the most popular products and to make large spaces for their children. We will make such places in the Gülcemal Project, which continues to fill. Entrepreneurs also have important tourism projects. We are sitting on a great treasure as tourism. Büyük

Gümrükçüoğlu reminded of this project that opinion leaders and civil society organizations unpopular due to a time before dominates the city from the Square neighborhood for tourism to make a cable car reached the hill Boztepe district projects prepared they are pointing to the start and 2 minutes of travel time between the endpoints.

Therefore, this project instead of another cable car project that they want to prepare Customsçüoğlu, said:

Lan When we saw that this ropeway did not create a purpose, did not even create a cruising area, we are currently working on a ropeway project that passes through the Çamoba region where the botanical park is located along the Zağnos Valley from the beach and reaches Boztepe after another deployment around the Atatürk Pavilion. We think that this project will be more accurate although the burden and cost is much higher than the nature of Trabzon. In the next stage of this line, we foresee that Boztepe will be able to work on the area behind Karadeniz Technical University (KTU). Bu

Tourists will see the city from the air

The city of the new cable car line starts from the coastal areas they want to do in Trabzon Zagnos Valley-Çamoba-Ataturk Kiosk Boztepe-pointing Gümrükçüoğlu intended to reach from there KTU, he said:

"The region, which will provide a significant contribution to tourism and traffic from the city into the construction of this cable car domestic and foreign tourists, historic Trabzon walls, mansions date in Ortahisar, lush nature of the Zagnos Valley, arboretum, Atatürk Mansion, general view of the city from Boztepe first will be able to see the vast majority of the city from the air. olmak

Gümrükçüoğlu emphasized that the cable car is very important for tourism but it should also be used in transportation, and the 24, which is the construction of 8, is also important in order to solve the transportation problem of Çukurçayır Neighborhood.

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