Metrobus burned in flames in Topkapı (Video)

Metrobus burned in Topkapı: Metrobus at the Topkapı stop, a metrobus caught fire. While the fire grew in a short time, the metrobus vehicle became unusable. Expeditions could not be made for a while due to fire. According to the statement from the IMM, the fire appeared on the empty metrobus, which was taken for repair due to engine failure. No fear was killed or wounded by the fire.

A fire broke out in the metrobus leading to Zincirlikuyu in Istanbul Topkapı. Metrobus in which the passenger did not have a short time turned to the ball of fire. A large number of firefighters were referred to the scene to extinguish the fire. During the fire, an explosion sound was heard from time to time. With the intervention of fire crews, the fire was taken under control in a short time and then cooling works were carried out on the metrobust.

Burning metrobus while returning to scrapping, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, due to engine failure in the process of being taken to the fire in the metrobus fire, metrobus, the dead or wounded that there were no passengers reported.


Metrobus flights could not be carried out due to fire, there was a two-way traffic density in D-100. After the fire was completely extinguished, the metrobus flights started to be controlled from a single lane. In the meantime, due to the intensity of stops, some citizens were walking on the road of metrobus.


IETT's crane was brought to the scene to remove the metrobus, which returned to the flame ball in a short time as a result of the fire that broke out at 16.15 hours and became a pile of scraps in 45 minutes. The crane loaded the metrobus into a truck belonging to AKOM in 2 parts. During the lifting activities, which took about 30 minutes, the metrobus services stopped bidirectionally. Citizens in the Metrobus also had to get on their way on foot, getting off the vehicles. The burning metrobus was taken from the scene with the truck.


The metrobus service, which was suspended due to the metrobus fire in Topkapı, started again with the removal of the wreckage.

A metrobus traveling in the direction of Zincirlikuyu burned flames due to a malfunction in its engine at around 16.20, and the flames surrounding the vehicle in a short time made the metrobus unusable. While being taken to the maintenance garage in Edirnekapı, the wreckage of the burning vehicle was removed in two parts with the crane of IETT and loaded on the Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) Truck. The studies took about 1 hour. E-5 traffic and metrobus services, which were occasionally affected by the wreckage, also returned to normal.



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