Danger Is In Marmaray

it was clear why marmara was closed
it was clear why marmara was closed

Marmaray is a danger: Marmaray, the first lik feasibility reports, based on 1987, Halkalı- A gigantic transportation project that will provide access by rail between Gebze and pass through the boğ tube passage -.

The foundation of 9 May 2004 was laid and the phase between ılık Ayrılıkçeşme-Kazlıçeşme was opened in 29 October 2013.

The construction of other stages continues.

Archaeological remains during construction; 36 appeared in ships, harbors, tunnels, royal tombs and various historical artifacts.

When traveling from İzmit to Istanbul, I sometimes ride from Kartal to Metro. I am worried about passing under the Bosphorus with Marmaray and going to Bakırköy with the sea bus going up and down in Kadıköy. I understand that I am not alone in this concern! A very co-friendly, she was worried about the tube pass!

Some time ago, when I saw the news that Marmaray derailed and that the passengers had to walk in the tunnel, my concerns increased a bit! In the statement; The reason for gösteriliy technical failure ç was shown.

The interesting thing is; Üsküdar Municipality Council Member and Civil Engineer Nezih Küçükerden made a statement and said; I The project was in a hurry! There are mistakes in project and application. The error must be found and resolved. Otherwise, such problems will happen again! Tür

Remember, Marmaray 29 was the first accident after a day of service in October 2013! Short-term power was cut off and the tram on the run was derailed!

Meanwhile, an allegation about Marmaray on the internet has raised concerns yet!

In summary; De Geological deformations were encountered in the immersed tube of the 1600 meter long, which has been known for months. Although the contractor repeatedly warned the company, this event is hidden from the public. Due to the mobility of aluvion and marine sediments in the submerged tube pathway, a large curvature has been found although it has not yet reached the breaking point. This has caused the conveying device to derail from the rails as it has also been transferred to the rails inside the pipe. Bu

This is a terrible claim!

The curving of the boat passing under the throat, even a few inches from the seat is a disaster!

The common opinions of experts who know the technical aspect of the work; ”This work has been rushed through election accounts! Y Such projects have a process of completion under normal conditions, and if you limit this time, disasters are inevitable!“

In my mind, the Prime Minister of the time at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Bay Bridge, Erdogan, the contractor with the contractor to negotiate the delivery time of business!

I can't cross that bridge any more!

All of them aside; The claims are serious and of great concern. It is useful to respect the opinions and suggestions of experts.

Source: Mustafa Küpçü - www.kocaeligazetesi.com.t is


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1 Review

  1. Mr. Kupcu, the information you use in your article is purely from the ear and consists of nobles who will score the beauty of the project. In Marmaray Project, I can say that I am a working student; the last incident in the crime scene is the area between Ayrilikcesme and Uskudar, which has nothing to do with the tuning of the tunnels. The immersion tube tunnels are designed with the latest technology and designed against an earthquake with an 7.5 size. As a reason for the event
    If the periodical maintenance-repair work should not be done sufficiently
    It can be shown.

    A second point is that you mentioned in your article, Marmaray immediately after the introduction of the accident and the power of the accident to be discontinued and the tram at the run out of the sample you've shown. Once apples and pears are separated from each other. It is not a tramway vehicle used in Marmaray but a subway car. Secondly, electricity is not interrupted by the accident and the vehicle has not come off. Only a power outage occurred. Such situations can take place all over the world on new emergency lines. Due to the nature of direct systems, it takes time for a new emergency railway system to run fully with all coordination and this has been scientifically introduced by many researchers.

    As a result; against the first rupture in this country but was used, against the second rupture but was used, Marmaray was said to be the project, but it is a strange fact that since the 130 million passengers carried out. Now they are facing the third copruye but don't worry, it will also be used. These jobs are always big, someone does and others just talk and look, the caravan continues to go on. You and your guys keep on not using it, if not for a bit
    The citizens who use the other are comfortable.


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