The Key to Quality in Wagon Production TÜDEMSAŞ's Robot Arms (Photo Gallery)

The Key to Quality in Wagon Production TÜDEMSAŞ's Robot Arms: Robot Welded Boom Manufacturing System is a strategic investment of TÜDEMSAŞ. The resources made by the human hand differ from the welder to the welder. Even the sources of the same welder on different days differ due to various psychological reasons.

Welding of robots with the aim of minimizing the human factor in the source and the standard of resources has come to the agenda. To be able to apply the robot welding you need to have a standard product. This makes it difficult to use robots especially in the sources of the wagon chassis. However, since most of the wagons produced in the last years are bojili wagons and the bogies used are the same type (standard), it is considered more logical and feasible to apply the source to the bogie with the robot. As a matter of fact, with the established robot system, a certain standard was obtained and the quality of the welds increased.

The aim of using robot technology in bogie manufacturing is to improve the quality of the welding and to bring new technologies to the company. The Boji Robot System is designed to produce 7.5 bogies in a shift (8 per hour).

Boji Robot System consists of a total of three stations. Two stations are the main sub-assemblies of the bogie chassis, the other is the longitudinal carrier, while the other station is the source of the transverse carrier.

In the first station The longitudinal carrier is welded using a Fanuc M-710iC type Robot with Tandem Welding technology and two 400 amps Lincoln Electric Gas Welding Machine; In the second station, the source of the transverse carriage is using two Fanuc Arcmate 120iC type Robots and two 400 amps Lincoln Electric Gas Welding Machines; In the third and last station, the Boom Longitudinal Carrier is welded with Ø1.6 mm wire by using two Fanuc M-710iC type Robot and two 600 amps Lincoln Electric Gas Welding Machine.
In total, there are 5 Fanuc brand Robot and 6 Lincoln Electric brand gas welding machine. The robots are all six-axis.

Robot Welding System

After this investment, the company's capacity has been increased to the annual 4000 bogie. Before the welding system with robots, the weld seams differ depending on the welder's hand angel, but a certain level of quality could not be achieved. After the robotic welding system, a certain level of quality was achieved in the weld seams.

Short Term Achievements of Robot Welded Welding System:

1) Productivity Improvement
2) Improving Production Quality
3) Continuity of Production
4) Controlling Processes
5) Improving Reliability in Production
6) Improving Safety Conditions in Manufacturing
7) Reduction of Fire and Revision Workmanship
8) Ensuring Working Ergonomics
9) Protection of workers from harmful environments

Long Term Achievements of Robot Welded Welding System:

1) Qualified Staff
2) Switch to Planned Maintenance
3) Fixed Cost
4) Continuity in Production
5) Flexibility in Production
6) Quality Advantage in Marketing
7) Company development at automation level
8) Employee Satisfaction


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