TCDD and DTD meeting held

A meeting was held between TCDD and DTD. Murat Kavak under the direction of the Department of Cargo and joined the management of the Circle.

The topics discussed in the meeting are as follows:

  1. Reduction of tariffs and reduction of transportation costs;
    First of all, the improvement of the container tariff will be carried out in full carrying tonnages and its alternatives are evaluated and the results will be published by TCDD as tariff change in the coming days.
    In response to our general tariff reduction request, it is decided that the price increases of 5 +% 5 planned for this year will not be made by June 2016 and then by the end of the year.
  2. ECM contract and content:

- The final version of the ECM contract, which is requested to be signed by our companies that will receive ECM service from TCDD, after the change requested by us, will be shared with us again for our opinions.
- We have stated that we need a national wagon maintenance regulation; Traction Department management informed that the current regulation, TTŞ 340, was amended in order to adopt the international format. Before the regulation, which is renewed as 600 pages, is published, the article will be evaluated in a meeting to be held with us to get our opinions and suggestions.

  • One of the most important requirements of the ECM was the determination and publication of the National Safety Indicators, and it was decided to hold a meeting with us about the results of this study in which the Cer Department conducted a study on this issue. In the name of Cer General, Mrs. Zuhal will do.
  • It was decided to cooperate jointly with all regulations prepared by DDGM and TCDD.
    1. Ankara road closed in the scope of the capital Ray project:

    - According to the phone call made with the head of the Road Department, keeping the road open to traffic with the cut and cover method is not possible due to the need for the construction technique to be applied here. In this way, it takes a long time to renew the road.

    • For this reason, a special discounted tariff will be applied for the transportation to be carried out in order to eliminate the grievance and the solution cost of the transportation of the containers to the customers in the Lalahan and Elmadağ direction will be tried to be produced by bringing them closer to the current costs.
  • For non-transferable loads; It was decided that the implementation of the short-haul fee in long-term transport is not possible due to the fact that it was an investigation subject in the past, but that a solution would be made for the solution of the cost that will arise, and that a meeting was held with us before the completion of the price studies and our opinions will be evaluated.
  • In the meeting held with the management of the contractor company who undertook the construction of the road; TCDD by 1. It was informed that the project was requested by the contractor for the change of the road in the 10 month.



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