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TCDD approval one lane to the road kazandıracak: The project, in which the Metropolitan Municipality will demolish the garden wall of TCDD and expand the road by one lane, in order to relieve the traffic jam experienced due to the narrowing of the road at the entrance of Alsancak, the city center of İzmir, is waiting for approval from Ankara. As soon as TCDD General Directorate approves the project, which was approved by the Protection Board in February, the wall will be demolished and the road will be widened.

At the entrance of Alsancak, which is one of the most frequent traffic jams in İzmir, the countdown has begun for years in the arrangement between Vahap Özaltay Square and Sait Altınordu Square in front of Alsancak Station. For the last 10 years, after the two-way Talatpaşa Boulevard, Poet Eşref Boulevard and Vahap Özaltay Square, where Ziya Gökalp Boulevard is connected, the arrival and departure of Alsancak in the direction of the port has locked in the morning and evening due to the narrowing of the road between the church and the TCDD garden wall. The congestion here negatively affected the roads in the city center and Liman Caddesi.


Due to the walls of the registered buildings belonging to TCDD 2. Regional Directorate next to Alsancak Station for years, road expansion was not possible. However, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a project to retract the TCDD garden walls in order to eliminate the contraction causing traffic congestion at Vahap Özaltay Maydanı. Interview with TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate. It was agreed with TCDD to sign a protocol with the conditions of demolishing the wall and paying rent for the area to be used as a road. Metropolitan Municipality applied to İzmir Cultural Heritage Preservation Board for the approval of the project, as it was the historical buildings registered by the High Council of Immovable Cultural and Natural Heritage with the consent of TCDD on 25 January 1985. With the decision taken on 1 February, the Board demanded that the wall be retracted within the scope of the road and retreat arrangement between Atatürk Street Sait Altınordu Square and Vahap Özaltay Square, prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, in the same height and construction technique. found suitable with the condition of reconstruction. The Preservation Board had not accepted similar attempts in the past.


Metropolitan Municipality started preparations in February to realize the project. TCDD gave information to the 3rd District and İzmir Security Traffic Supervision Department. TCDD 3. Regional Directorate sent the related protocol to Ankara to TCDD General Directorate for approval. The wall protocol has not been approved yet until the beginning of April. Izmir Governor Mustafa Toprak, who was informed by the Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, first called the TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate. He contacted the General Directorate of TCDD on the knowledge that the subject was under evaluation in Ankara. If the confirmation arrives in April, it will take two or three days and the road will be extended with a late-evening work without traffic. The garden wall will be rebuilt 2,5 meters back. Thus, the problem experienced by the lane falling to one head will be eliminated.


On the other hand, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started preliminary works to build 550 meters long underground tunnel, which will connect Vahap Özaltay Maydanı and Liman Caddesi, which are tiring to match the Konak tram for a permanent solution. The technical team made preliminary project preparations. The project will be canceled shortly for the underground tunnel. The tunnel project, where the front of Alsancak Train Station will be left to tram, bicycle path and pedestrians and where the traffic will take place underground, is expected to be a solution to the traffic jam. However, the preparation and completion of the project will not be completed before 2-3 years.

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