They climb up and down

They climb up and slide down: While swimming on the Mediterranean shores, people of Erzurum still enjoy skiing at Palandöken Ski Center.

Palandöken Ski Center at 5 meters of sea level 3 and 156 meters from the city center of Erzurum is nowadays the place of adrenaline lovers. Palandöken where the snow thickness finds the 2 meter in places, continues the sporting activities together with the ski season. Especially on weekends Palandöken Ski Center is chirping.

Halil İbrahim Mert, Sacit Amil and Ertuğrul Ural, who walked to the peaks of Palandöken, reached Ejder Peak, climbing for about 2 hour from an altitude of 200. Three friends who got off here with skis and snowboards reported that they did a very different activity. Halil İbrahim Mert said the following.

“Skiing and climbing are our passion. We climb Palandöken in groups on weekends and then slide down. The facilities work, but by climbing, we do both mountaineering and skiing. Those who want to participate in this activity with us should be in Palandöken every weekend at 07.00:XNUMX. "