Parallel route for Akköprü-AKM bus line

Parallel route for Akköprü-AKM bus line: Due to the connection works of Keçiören Metro and Batıkent Metro, 16 is going to start in April. In Akköprü, passengers arriving from the metro will be transported from Akköprü to AKM station without getting into the traffic by buses.

Due to the connection between the Keçiören Metro and the Batıkent Metro, the details of the new arrangement that will be implemented for 16 month from April 2 have been announced. During the works to be carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the last stop of the Batıkent Metro will be the Akkopru until 16 June. Passengers who use the Batıkent Metro will be transported to Akmö by the buses, which will be the next stop. Passengers will re-enter the metro from here. 16 The bus route for the new arrangement to be applied for 2 months starting from April is cleared by the 'road asphalt work' initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality within the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) area.


Ankara Hurriyet, examined the work in the field of AKM. AKM area, Akköprü Junction, starting from the point of the walls separating the works, continues until the AKM metro station. The existing road in the AKM is expanded for asphalting, and asphalted, a new road is constructed in parallel with Istanbul Street, about a distance of about 1 kilometers. With this route, passengers will be able to continue their journey without getting into traffic.


For the new regulation, the integration of Koru Metro and Batıkent Metro was completed. The last stop is the Koru Metro which has been extended to the AKM station, so that passengers can continue their journey to Koru station without transferring in Kızılay. In the new arrangement to be implemented in two-way, the transfers will be free.


The 16 will start on the morning of April and will continue for the 2 month.
* Red Crescent or to go to Koru'dan Sincan or Batıkent'den passengers riding the metro, will land in Akkopru Station.
* Passengers who depart from the subway will walk across the road under the bridge at Akköprü crossroad.
* Passengers entering the door that will open in the wall separating the AKM from the intersection will take the bus.
* The journey will continue in the AKM route parallel to Istanbul Street.
* Passengers departing from the bus at the stop point within the AKM area will be transferred to the Koru Metro, which is extended to the AKM Station.
* The same route will be used for the reverse direction.


The authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality stated that they had been focusing on the 2 formula before the new regulation, and said that the ring system between Akkopru and AKM is preferred because it reduces the time loss by 50. Authorities explain the following two formula: Akköprü-Kızılay bus schedules: increased traffic density and will cause time loss. alternate preferred.

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