The lion's share in transport investments on the railway after the highway

According to the 2016 Year Investment Program, the highest amount of transportation sector investments was allocated to the highway with 7 billion 817 million 156 thousand liras. 7 175 2 90 246 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

According to the collections made by the 2016 Year Investment Program, the transportation sector ranked first among the public investments to be realized this year with an investment budget of 19 billion 872 million 982 thousand pounds.

When the distribution of transportation sector investments is analyzed, it is seen that 7 billion 817 million 156 thousand pounds have been allocated to road transportation. For this investment item where the highest share is allocated, 7 billion 717 million 446 thousand pounds will be provided to the General Directorate of Highways, while the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the General Directorate of Security will be given a total of 99 million 560 thousand pounds.

5 billion 175 million pounds will be invested in the rail transport, while 2 billion 7 will be invested in the amount of 175 billion XNUMX billion in the other railway projects to be carried out by the Ministry.


2 90 million 246 million pounds of urban transport investment amount, while the number of 627 million pounds 200 million pounds in the air transport. The highest amount of investment in air transportation was taken by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) while the Ministry of State, General Directorate of Meteorology and 477 million pounds, and General Directorate of Civil Aviation with 90 Million Pounds.

The 533 million 564 thousand pounds allocated for maritime transport in the investment program, 378 million 320 thousand pounds Ministry, 81 million 744 thousand pounds of TCDD General Directorate, 70 million pounds of Coastal Safety Directorate General and 3,5 million pounds was allocated to the General Directorate of Turkey Maritime Organization.

The investment amount of 772 million pounds allocated for the pipeline was given to 750 million pounds to BOTAŞ and the remaining part to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

In the communication, the total investment of 240 million 794 thousand pounds, 152 million 928 thousand TL of the Ministry, 84 million 850 thousand of TRT General Directorate, 3 million 16 thousand of the Directorate General of Press and Information.

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