Nostalgic History of Railways in this Museum

Nostalgic History of railways in this museum: Turkey Railway Machines Industry (TÜDEMSAŞ) museum, offers Ottoman period and after the iron produced for networks and facilities for visitors on a nostalgic trip to the components used.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways use in that steam locomotives, and in 1939 for the repair of freight wagons "Sivas Traction Workshop" with the name of established and TÜDEMSAŞ name operating in the factory site continues to work under the museum exhibited 3 bi · na-piece anti · woman with keeping the present light of the past.

In the museum where the products produced at the factory have been exhibited since its establishment, there are many interesting materials for the wagon prototype models and the smallest wagon parts. In the museum where the railway plates belonging to the Ottoman period were found, various historical musical instruments including instruments made by TÜDEMSAŞ personnel are also on display.

In the museum, the molds of the engine blocks made by TÜDEMSAŞ technical personnel for the first domestic automobile da Devrim “are among the products that the visitors are most interested in.

TÜDEMSAŞ Deputy General Manager Ahmet İzzet Göze, said in a statement, about 20 year before the gathering began to collect over a thousand pieces of the museum exhibited in the museum, he said.

Göze said that the factory employees collected many pieces for the museum and said, “Our friends brought the materials they deemed suitable for the museum. In 2010 this building was organized in a larger environment. We have 100 annual pieces. We also exhibit a track of 1889 year. We have collected a lot of pieces for the museum, our collection is still going on. Ik

In the museum, in the old times and some parts produced by different countries are exhibited, 1934'da laid the foundation of the factory was opened in 1939, at that time the parts brought from Germany, especially for rail transport, he said.

Stating that the museum is very popular, Göze said, ın Some foreign firms even have plates that they put on locomotives or wagons. People like the museum. There are also visitors from abroad. They also give great importance to such studies. They can see the parts of the machines they have done in 100 years or earlier in their own countries and they are very welcome in this case. Kendi

Most ı Revolution kal car's engine block pattern attracts attention

Göze mentioned some of the pieces in the museum, said:

Var There are pieces from the Ottoman period in the museum. Hand tools from that period, lighting used in railways. There are plates of locomotives used in Ottoman railways and even telephone exchanges of that period. They have made a model from the first wagons that were started to be produced in our factory and these are in our museum. There are models of all wagons produced and even the Bozkurt locomotive model. The engine block mold made by TÜDEMSAŞ technical personnel for the first domestic automobile ”Devrim“ is also exhibited in the museum. In 1951 a foundry was opened. In this foundry they made the engine of the Revolution car and some parts of it. A piece of this piece is in our museum. Even the most interesting part. Hatta

Göze people who can see the history of the railway from where the museum can see easily, railway, wooden, iron and concrete sleepers used in the construction of railways that can be examined Eye, di We have photos of those years. The aim here is to exhibit our own products, a section of this place, our own products. Our employees who see the museum are even more enthusiastic. Here, the employees bring the old products, we are exhibiting here.

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