Azerbaijan, Russia and Iran North-South railway line agreed for western route construction

Azerbaijan, Russia and Iran agreed to build the western route of the North-South railway line: Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan agreed to accelerate the construction work on the western route of the North-South railway line, which will connect Moscow and Tehran through Azerbaijan.

A joint statement was published after the tripartite meeting attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Iranian Foreign Minister Cevad Zarif and Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Memmedyarov in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

The statement stated that the parties agreed on the principle of mutual respect and development of relations on the basis of principles not to interfere in each other's internal affairs.

The parties confirmed that they are loyal to the UN Charter and the rules of international law and stressed that they are committed to facilitating the resolution of conflicts in the region.

Emphasizing the importance of strengthening the fight against new threats to regional stability and security, the parties stressed that they are ready to engage in more stringent activities against terrorism, separatism, international organized crime and drug trafficking.

The parties agreed on the development of trilateral cooperation in the fields of energy, economy, transport, infrastructure, culture, tourism, consulate and customs, and to encourage contacts between the regions and states of the three countries.

Stating that they are determined to continue efforts to keep Caspian as a sea of ​​peace and cooperation, the parties agreed to determine the legal status of Caspian as soon as possible.

Safe alternative transit corridors will provide new opportunities for the development of the region, the statement said:

“The parties have confirmed that they are loyal to the growth of the network of automobiles, railroads, maritime transport and freight vehicles on the basis of the principles of free market economy, free market competition and mutual gain. Ministers reaffirmed the importance of further promoting and supporting projects to develop the North-South transport corridor. The parties agreed to negotiate the above issues by the relevant institutions. Ministers and heads of state agreed to start negotiations on the first summit meeting preparations. ”

North-South transport corridor

The North-South railway line, which Russia, Iran and India have agreed on in the 2000, and then participated in certain stages of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan, consists of three routes.

In the Caspian route, the transportation takes place between the ports of Astrakhan, Olya and Makhachkala of Russia and the ports of Iran, Enzeli, Emirabat and Nouşehr. The eastern route passes through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and unites Russia and Iran.

The Western route passes through Astrakhan and Makhachkala and reaches the Iranian border via Azerbaijan. The Astara-Reşt-Kazvin line, which is being constructed on this route, is planned to form a new railway line passing through Azerbaijan between Russia and Iran. All three routes pass through Iran through the Persian Gulf and India.

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