Mustafa Çelik Performed Tram Test at Midnight

Paper ticket statement from Kayseri transportation as
Paper ticket statement from Kayseri transportation as

Kayseri Büyükşehir Belediye Başkanı Mustafa Çelik, çalışmalarını gece yarısı da sürdürüyor. Raylı sistem seferlerinin tamamlanmasının ardından yeni raylı sistem aracı test edildi. Aracı kullanarak bizzat test eden Başkan Çelik, önümüzdeki günlerde her ay yeni raylı sistem araçlarını birer ikişer servise alacaklarını ve böylece toplu taşımanın çok daha rahat ve konforlu hale geleceğini söyledi.

Mayor Mustafa Celik, the work continues at midnight. After the completion of the rail system flights, the new rail system vehicle was tested. Mayor Çelik, who personally tested the vehicle, said that in the coming days, each month, they would get two new rail system vehicles for each service and thus public transportation would become much more comfortable and comfortable.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik came to the Rail System Main Repair Stop at around 01.00:30 at night. Deputy Secretary General Ahmet Darendelioğlu welcomed Chairman Çelik. Mayor Çelik participated in the test of the rail system vehicle, which is the first of 6 vehicles for which the Metropolitan Municipality has made purchasing missions and recently received. Çelik, the vehicle that has been tested for a while and the tests carried out, Transportation Inc. He received information from its General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu. Gündoğdu said that 276 tons of sandbags, corresponding to a total of 22 passengers, were placed in the vehicle to provide a weight of XNUMX people per square meter.

Metropolitan Mayor Steel, then the rail system of the vehicle used by the vehicle itself through the seat.

Making a statement after testing the rail system vehicle, President Mustafa Çelik said that they tested the new vehicles after midnight due to the completion of the rail system trips. Stating that other new vehicles will continue to arrive as of the end of the month, President Mustafa Çelik said, “We are currently testing the walking and stopping times, walking teams and other technical parts of our current vehicle. The vehicle has 276 tons of cargo, corresponding to 22 passengers. No negative situation has been found in the tests so far. These tests will be held continuously until the end of the month. New vehicles will also come at the end of the month and we will take them into service one by two each month. "Good luck" he said.

Emphasizing the fact that the vehicle was built by Turkish engineers, Chairman Çelik said, “An important aspect of this vehicle is that it was made entirely locally by Turkish engineers and Turkish technical team. Such an industry kazanAs Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, we contributed to the

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