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Current TCDD Marmaray Map
Current TCDD Marmaray Map

A joint project with South Korea has been entered into for both land and sea buses, which are used as Splashtours in the Netherlands.

If you go to the city of Rotterdam, famous for its port in the Netherlands, you will probably not be stranger to this news. A special bus used by a company called Splashtours in the city has the ability to travel both by land and by sea. Thus, the company made a difference to the tour bus concept that you can see in many important cities, and offered the opportunity to travel Rotterdam by land and sea for 25 Euros.

Now, according to reports emerging in our country with Turkey and South Korea is a joint project "Amfibüs" will be signed this bus project will be called.

According to the information given by the chairman of TÜMSİAD Dogan Yasar will be produced in Turkey emphasized that tourism brought vitality with floating buses. In other words, these buses will be used for tourist trips instead of being an alternative means of transportation between IDO, Metrobus and Marmaray. Just like Splashtours you can see in the video above.

Emphasizing that these buses can be used in different provinces, Doğan can start to see buses that will give you a full touring atmosphere by using both land and sea in cities and towns that have an important place in tourism, especially in cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and Bursa.

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