Leading Industrialists Handed the Logistics Problem

Leading industrialists were at hand to logistical problems: the lack of a direct connection to the port of Denizli, one of Turkey's largest exporter has long Denizli Industrialists, Traders Businessmen Although raised by the Platform in any stage could not take a step on the solution of the problem. Denizli, which is also the industrialist of each, Şahin Tin, Denizli Chamber of Industry President Müjdat Keçeci and Denizli Commodity Exchange Chairman İbrahim Tefenlili'in the staff, this time hoping to solve the problem.

TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız, TCDD Deputy General Manager Murat Kavak, Denizli Deputy Şahin Tin, Denizli former deputy Mehmet Yüksel, Denizli Chamber of Industry President Müjdat Keçeci and Denizli Commodity Exchange President İbrahim Tefenlili attended the meeting held in TCDD General Directorate in Ankara last week. . At the meeting where the basic problem of 3 is discussed, the topics discussed are as follows:


In the Bozburun region where the Denizli industry is intense, 4 has been reached to the conclusion phase of the study which was started in the year before to concentrate this concentration on the establishment of a regulated industrial zone. In the center of Denizli, it was thought that it would be possible to build a loading area at the heart of the Bozburun industrial zone as a result of the increasing need in the area where the existing load area, which is directly opposite the bus station, caused a serious deadlock in the traffic and the planned industrial zone will be constructed.

With the efforts of Denizli Industrialist, Merchant Business Platform and applications of the Ministry of Transportation, field work was carried out with the personnel of İzmir TCDD Regional Directorate, and the 45, which is suitable for the station, was allocated by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to the General Directorate of TCDD. The installation was completed by the General Directorate of the General Directorate of TCDD. In the coming days, it is expected to start the works by the authorities of the Izmir Regional Directorate.


Denizli - Izmir - Karşıyaka - Although the Çiğli-Biçerova railway line has been available for a long time, the connection between Biçerova Station and Aliağa Port could not be established. The lack of connections between Biçerova station and Aliağa ports caused logistical costs to the exporters from Denizli. Similarly, although the distance between Biçerova Station and Nemport Port was 500 m, the lack of railway connection due to the protected areas caused the region to not use its existing logistics potential.

However, with the new agreements, it was reported that the railway connection to Newport Port, which is a private enterprise, will be carried out at a level that can be loaded under the ship. Of course, for this, manufacturers have to deal with this private business. Another good news for the producers in the region is the fact that TCDD General Directorate has started the works for a port which will be operated by the state and will be a railway connection to the Çandarlı Port Region. All these developments seem to ease the logistics problem of exporters in Denizli.


Çardak Özdemir Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone, which has been an investor for 20 years, became the leading actor of the new investment wave in Denizli with the contributions of Denizli Chamber of Industry. 2.700.000 is located in the investment area of ​​the Çardak OSB, Çardak Train Station is at a distance of 200 meters. Denizli Chamber of Industry has been trying to invest in the loading area with an 200-meter side line that will be built right into Çardak OSB. If this loading area project is realized, Çardak is expected to be the most popular investment area of ​​Denizli for industrialists working mainly in the domestic market.

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