A peaceful train ride on the Lego rails (Video)

A peaceful train ride on the Lego tracks: There are a number of crazy Lego masters from Lego tracks to highway builders. G TrainGuy 659 X, one of the Lego-based train stations, is one of them. However, this crazy, not only has set up the giant station, but has also sent trains on time, moreover putting a camera on it and shooting the FPS, it has made an astonishing work for all audiences.

As we watch the journey of the train from the house to the garden and return to the station at home, on the one hand we are filled with peace and on the other hand, we think it is exhausting and, of course, expensive to install this system. Considering the prices of Lego sets, it would probably cost fortune to establish such a mechanism. But let's look at the fun part of the work. In the video above you will see the single plan travel video of the train. But this is not as easy as we predicted. The video below shows the wreckage of the train before the perfect journey. Obviously, watching the video without music is relatively more fun.

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