Köşker promised to Gebzeles every type of rail system before 2014 year

Kösker promised Gebzelis to all types of rail system before 2014 year: Adnan Köşker, the Mayor of Gebze, is dependent on Ankara for almost all of the projects he promised before 2014. Köşker and Gebzelilerin waiting for Ankara's support to the county without support

When it comes to talking, love to those who can hold AKP municipalities. Not much, just 2 years ago, mayoral candidates made such promises to this city that if 10 percent of these promises were kept, the city would be revived. Adnan Köşker, who was a candidate for the second term as Gebze Mayor, followed a similar path. He thought, he said. Didn't even care if it was doable. selection kazanHe promised many things to achieve. A large part of his promises consisted of the projects of the ministry and the Metropolitan Municipality. Köşker was elected mayor on March 30, 2014, and whatever he said and promised, he erased it in one fell swoop.

Gebze Municipality Adnan Köşker promised Gebzele to all types of rail system prior to 2014 year

29 2014 52 30 repeating the project and stopped the Mayor Adnan Koshker XNUMX March, the results of the results of the project booklet was removed from the dusty shelves. Some of the intersection works of Köşker's promises have been completed, but there is no trace of any of the rail systems that will be the major solution to the transportation problem of the vision projects. The first two promises of the project were Adnan Köşker's intention to interrupt everyone. Köşker stated that he would make a metro to Gebze from Sabiha Gökçen Airport located in Kurtköy, a neighbor to Gebze in Istanbul.

The metro which reaches the Kocaeli border in Istanbul will be extended to Sabiha Gökçen Airport soon and then to Gebze.


Following this promise of Adnan Köşker, Gebzelileri was excited. Even the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli promised not to take the steps, the Mayor of Gebze promised to do it. After the appointment of Köşker, it was understood that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will support this metro business and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications will take part in the works. There will be metro to Gebze but this metro is not clear when to do it. The only obvious one is that the Mayor of Gebze, Adnan Köşker, who promised the metro, could not have the smallest share and share in the construction of this subway.


The activities of the Adapazarı Express were terminated some time before the local elections in 2014. Adapazari center and Istanbul Haydarpaşa voyage between the express, not available in our city, suburban flights were keeping the location, the citizens were able to use mostly rail transport. High Speed ​​Train works so this system has ended. After the High Speed ​​Train Line was completed, it was announced that the line would be reopened but no steps have been taken so far. One of the promises of the Mayor of Gebze, Adnan Köşker, in the 2014 was related to rail transportation.


Adnan Köşker promised a suburban line between Izmit-Gebze and its voters. No 'partnership' statement was made about the suburban line that will serve in the Gulf, Derince and Izmit districts. Gebze Municipality 4 will build the line that will serve in the district alone. Of course it was as expected. Although 2 years have passed through local elections, no steps have been taken regarding this promise. Despite the fact that the train tracks were paved, the necessary talks were not made with State Railways and the suburban line remained a dream. Among the promises of Köşker2in along with the suburban lines were various items related to the Marmaray project of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.


Gebze Mayor Adnan Koshker, told citizens to be extended to Gebze until Marmaray 30 March 2014'dan immediately before, transfer centers related to Marmaray will be established in Gebze said. Adnan Köşker did not forget to add the light rail system to the project booklet and he also said ğ high speed train Hafif. Köşker's rail transport systems promised only high-speed trains. The construction of this promise started long before the local elections. Even though the people voted for Köşker, the high-speed train would have already been built. Adnan Köşker's failure to assign any steps for the 2 rail system in the years, in fact, was the benefit of Gebze.


Gebze is one of the largest 2 towns in our city. The center in the west. He demanded to be a province for a long time. Many more non-governmental organizations and political party representatives still advocate that Gebze should be a province. Currently Gebze is a huge factory. Citizens residing in Istanbul and Izmit are using Gebze. In this case, it is almost impossible to be Gebze as a province. If you want to take a step in line with the demands of the citizen in the intertwined district with its relations with Izmit and Istanbul, urban consciousness is firstly provided. The easiest way to do this is to pull off the ties for a while and find the essence.

Under the name of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Otağı building a theme park that will build the Köşker, did not take a step for it.

KERBELAYA will return

However, the Mayor of Gebze, Adnan Köşker, has no such problem. Adnan Köşker looks at the event through a big window and sees the region as a spell and wants to make it easier for citizens to reach Gebze via Marmaray and metro systems. In his own district, the problem of transportation in the district center in some regions reached the line phase he, Istanbul and Izmit from the town think they can come. Adnan Köşker has only been thinking and promising. Izmit, Istanbul has not managed to attract the burden of Gebze. Gebze, which is already facing a huge unemployment and immigration problem, will return to the kerbstone if Köşker fulfills these promises, and citizens will have to work for the toughness of the snow.


Adnan Köşker, like every mayor of the AKP, also participated in the project booklet. A few of the parking lots have been built. Most of the promised ones are still waiting to be built. Köşker's other promises included mass housing projects. Adnan Köşker should have contributed to the construction sector, which is one of the fastest growing sectors during the AKP's rule. Köşker announced that he will do one of the housing projects in our city, which is almost made by TOKİ and Kent Konut, in Kirazpınar. Köşker announced the mass housing as if he would make it himself in the election booklet, but he did not forget to call the acak joint project u aside.

In the 2014 project booklet, which was prepared just before the 30 March elections, there were simple projects, junctions and lighting systems.


Culture and theme park that promises the construction of Adnan Köşker, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Otağı will establish, said the international congress center will create. For Gebze, from Ankara, Gebze Arena stadium developed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, youth and sports center, youth camp center, Adnan Köşker, also announced that he will make a large olympic pool to Gebze. Some of the projects and promises of the selection of the book that is very loyal in the selection booklet Koshker full 2 years ago "culture centers" and "science and art centers" had announced to the public. Even after the 2 year passed, no steps were taken even with open-ended promises.

The pen does not know when you draw a project. In the AKP municipalities, drawings resembling the space age are famous. There are similar projects in Gebze Municipality and there is no step towards these projects.


Gebze Mayor Adnan Köşker's projects were missing in two respects. One, not a Gebze, provincial, even a project to provide the district has not been developed. Two, the vision project is incomplete. Adnan Köşker did not have a project called sağla mega sağla among the people who would ensure the development of the district. Considering the AKP municipalities, which are already out of production, Köşker's not taking a step in this direction can be considered normal, but Gebze remained so poor in the 2014 that Adnan Köşker even promised decorative lighting. Adnan Köşker, who promised green buses, overpasses and village roads, realized almost half of his promises. The projects that he implemented were of course green buses, overpasses, and village roads.

The promises of the Mayor of Gebze Adnan Köşker were as follows;

1-D-100 Topcular Junction

2-Anibal Bridge Crossbow

3-Sabiha Gokcen-Gebze Metro

4-İzmit-Gebze Commuter Line

5-Marmaray Gebze

6-Marmaray Transfer Centers

7-Light Rail Transportation Systems

8-Fast Train Gebze

9-D-100 Intersections and Sideways

10-TEM Highway Intersections and Sideways

11-Storey car parks

12-Intercity Bus Terminal

13-Kirazpınar Housing Complex

14-Beylikduzu Cultural Park

15-Fatih Sultan Mehmet Theme Park

16-International Convention Center

17-Gebze Arena

18-Curing Centers

19-Youth and Sports Center

20-Youth Camp Center

21-Olympic Swimming Pool

22-Science and Art Centers

23-Family Health Center

24-Disabled Education Center

25-Seniors Guest House

26-Indoor Markets

27-Olympic Ice Rink

28-Government Square

29-Hacı Halil Neighborhood Ziya Fırat Square

30-Yellow Mosque Square Arrangement

31-Muallimköy Beach arrangement

32-Adventure and Action Park

33-Ballıkayalar Natural Park

34-Quarries Recycling and Sport Areas

35-Recreation Areas

36-Playgrounds and Green Areas

37-Sweetness Valley Arrangement

38-Cemeteries Service Building and Mosque

39-Fire Center Complex

40-Eskihisar Castle Surroundings

41-Osman Hamdi Bey Museum

42-The Tomb of Anibal

43-Digital City Library

44-Historic Water Cabinet

45-Restoration of Historical Houses

46-Kurban Sales Place and Slaughterhouse

Removal of 47-Mutlukent Treatment Plant

48-Eskihisar Wastewater Collectors

49-Green Buses

50-Village Connection Roads


52-Decorative Lighting

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