Karabük-Zonguldak railway line opened

Karabük-Zonguldak railway line was opened: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Yıldırım came to Zonguldak for the opening ceremony of the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak Railway Line Rehabilitation and Signalization Project and said, “We have Iran signed a contract on a barter basis of 80 million Euros. "TÜPRAŞ will buy oil from Iran, and in return, Karabük will give a rail of 80 million euros." “We used to buy the rails either from Italy, Finland or Czechoslovakia. Now we do not thank anyone, ”he said.

Yıldırım visited the Governorship in Karabük, where he came for the opening ceremony of the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak Railway Line Rehabilitation and Signalization Project Karabük-Zonguldak section.

Yıldırım, who was welcomed by Governor Orhan Alimoğlu, AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Şahin and other relevant persons, took office and received information from Alimoğlu about his work.

Sahin, the AK Party government in the period from listening to investments made in Karabük Lightning, told Turkey's dependence on foreign sources of production in railway ended.

Today was opening the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak Railway Line Rehabilitation and Signaling their transfer details about Project Lightning, he stressed that the first major project of his life passed without rail projects in Turkey's EU membership.

Pointing out that Karabük is an important heavy industrial city established during the republic period, Yıldırım said:

"Today Kardemir Karabük cherish the brand and do our best to contribute to the development of Turkey in the same manner we make every effort. Until the day we came to power, we could not track. Now, rails are manufactured in Karabük with the contribution of Mr. Mehmet Ali Şahin and even sold outside. The other day, we had Iran signed a contract of 80 million Euros on a barter basis. TÜPRAŞ will buy oil from Iran, in return, Karabük will give a rail of 80 million Euros. This means that Karabük's one-year job is guaranteed. It is meaningful and important for both Karabük and our country. "


Expressing that the move initiated by the AK Party governments on the railways was the biggest work carried out after Atatürk's move, Yıldırım continued as follows:

“Atatürk started railroad mobilization in the first 10 years of the republic. This has even been the subject of the 10th Anniversary March, but what we do now is compensating for 50-60 years of neglect that has passed. We have completely renewed nearly 12 percent of our 85 thousand kilometers of railway network. There were such lines that have not been touched for 100 years. For example, the train is moving and the rails are moving. Those connections are slackened. Not much has been done since the first day this line was built. Therefore, it has been completely renewed. It has been signaled. The load capacity carried here increased by 50 percent. The train we loaded from there does not wait until it comes here. Thanks to the scissors connection systems, we abandoned the primitive methods. "


Stating that they bought 46 thousand tons of rail from KARDEMİR established in Karabük, Yıldırım said, “Karabük does not only build railways. Turkey is a city that leads the renewal of the railroad. Allah gave us the fast train, which has been legendary in languages ​​for 50 years. We also brought the high-speed train to our country. High-speed train lines continue to spread from the city. We have made so far and is equivalent to half of Turkey's population is planned. We will connect 14 major cities with high speed trains in the coming period. " used the expressions.

Yıldırım then visited the Mayor of Karabük Rafet Vergili in his office and received information about his work.


Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım said that the European Union (EU) supported approximately 550 million liras for the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak Railway Line Rehabilitation and Signalization Project.

Minister Yıldırım, at the opening ceremony of the project in the Karabük-Zonguldak section, stated that they came to Karabük for a good job, the land of fertility.

Karabük-Zonguldak train line was renewed, re-commissioned to express service, wished the line would be beneficial to the country.

When Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to power themselves, "Railways of this state does not suit Turkey, this is my yenileyel" but that lightning was reported that renew 80 percent of all lines.

Yildirim expressed that the project in question to the EU to provide about 550 million pounds of support, "the EU and Turkey's full membership towards the most concrete of our progressive country with steady steps, one of the most significant projects, iron and steel and industrial capital was conducted between Karabük and Zonguldak. For this I thank the EU and the EU Delegation to Turkey. " he spoke.

European Union Delegation Counselor stating that François de Begeot railroad between Turkey and the EU strategic cooperation for the development of infrastructure were made, noting that the purpose of this investment decision is to facilitate the transport of cargo from Turkey to Europe.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın Stating that it is a historic day for the country, he said that 2012 percent of the cost of approximately 700 million lira of the project, which started in 85, was covered by European Union funds.

Minister Yıldırım, the first train on the line after the speech gave the start of the movement.



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