The Humor Magazine for Haydarpaşa Station

Humor Magazine for Haydarpaşa Train Station: Homur magazine dedicated its 84th issue to Haydarpaşa Train Station and the struggle for it. The entire content of the magazine consists of drawings and articles on the subject.

Homur Humor and Cartoon Group reserved 84th issue of HOMUR magazine to Haydarpaşa. “HOMUR-HAYDARPAŞA Struggle Special Issue” was prepared jointly with the components of “Haydarpaşa Solidarity for Society, City and Environment” formed by 83 democratic mass organizations together with the United Transport Union (BTS), under the leadership of TMMOB-Chamber of Architects Istanbul Büyükkent Branch.

The meetings held on Haydarpaşa stairs against the Haydarpaşa Station and Port Transformation Project, which has lasted for 11 years and will enter its 219th week tomorrow, started upon the termination of the train services to make the area of ​​one million square meters into a depression area. HOMUR Humor and Cartoon Group made a statement and announced that it will be together with Haydarpaşa Solidarity as a team with the special issue prepared for Haydarpaşa and invited everyone to explain. The meeting to be held in Haydarpaşa on Sunday, April 3, was announced as 12.30. You can reach the Haydarpaşa number of HOMUR from Haydarpaşa Solidarity components and I You can review.

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