Housing prices in Istanbul are rising with metro projects

Housing prices in Istanbul are rising with metro projects: In some districts of Istanbul, home prices continue to rise with metro line projects. Here are those districts


Launched in 2012 Kadıköy-Kartal metro continues to increase housing prices in Kartal. While the square meter prices of residences in the region were around 2011 lira in 1500, this figure increased to 2016 thousand lira when we come to 13.


According to the news of Posta, after the subway works started in Tuzla, the housing prices increased, while the land prices increased significantly with the Northern Marmara Highway. While the prices of residential projects in the region were 2013-1250 thousand pounds in 2, today they reached 500 thousand 3-200 thousand liras.


Pendik, Kadıköy- Value with the extension of Kartal metro to Kaynarca kazanhe's eating. It is predicted that the mobility in real estate prices in the region where the interest is concentrated will increase even more with the metro.


The construction of the Üsküdar-Çekmeköy subway, which is under construction, increases the house prices and comes to Sancaktepe. House prices in the region of the square meter 1500-2000 pounds, with the subway 4 thousand pounds reached the level of the level.


In Çekmeköy, in 2012, the unit price per square meter could be bought from 2 liras. Nowadays, the prices of square meters have increased up to 500 thousand liras. This increase is expected to continue with the opening of Üsküdar Çekmeköy subway.


Ümraniye is one of the regions where Üsküdar Çekmeköy metro is most useful. While the square meter of residences for sale in the district was around 2014 thousand liras in 2, today it is possible to see luxury residences in the region around 20 thousand lira.

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