Göktepe Ski Center Investigated

Investigations Made in Göktepe Ski Center: An examination was made in the ski center to be built on an area of ​​approximately 3 thousand 300 decares in Göktepe Plateau in Akseki.

Officials from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Akseki Deputy District Governor Abdullah Yüksel, Mayor Mustafa İsmet Uysal, District Gendarmerie Commander Mustafa Dilek and other officials made observations in Göktepe Plateau.

Mayor Mustafa İsmet Uysal said that they examined the ski center to be built in Göktepe Plateau on site.

Uysal said, “For 4 days, we tried to open the road to the plateau covered with snow for about 25 kilometers with the construction equipment of Akseki Municipality. However, after 4 days of work, the road to Yıldız Mountain location could only be opened. The snow depth on the road is between 30 centimeters and 5 meters. "Our teams had a hard time opening the way,"

Uysal, said the Culture and Tourism Ministry to make the necessary observations of the engineers, "ski here when Turkey will be the best ski resort. We're pretty sure of that. Our project is being implemented with the support of our Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Metropolitan Municipality. "Good luck to our Aksek, Antalya and our country."