Southeast Europe Logistics Industry Meets at SEEFF Congress

SEEFF Congress, held since 1996, takes place in Odessa, Ukraine this year on 2-3 June.

The congress is attended by representatives from Southeast European sectors, as well as from European Union countries and China.
the authorities are attending. SEEFF says this year Southeastern Europe is in transit trade between the EU and China
and its importance will be discussed.

Agreements to improve world trade are added every day. Free trade
agreements, customs unions and intercontinental trade and investment partnership agreements, goods between countries
and speeding up the service flow. The logistics sector, which is an inseparable part of the trade, is able to
it is in harmony with cooperation in different fields.

In addition to the trade liberalizing agreements, increasing the speed in the logistics sector and reducing the cost
SEEFF (South East Europe) is a bi-annual partnership that has been held every two years since 1996
Forwarders and Logistics Operators Congress. Two times hosted by UTIKAD in 1998 and 2011
that he supported and also supported by FIATA, 2-3 June 2016 dates Odessa to Ukraine
will take place in.

Southeast Europe with senior representatives of international non-governmental organizations in the logistics sector
In the congress where senior executives of the logistics companies of their countries will participate, the
contribution to development.

To promote the development of sustainable intermodal transport systems in Southeast Europe;
to ensure the development of cooperation between the participating countries and sector stakeholders
The congress, which was organized with the aim of being a member of the European Union
will also welcome participants from countries and China.

Intermodal lines that play an important role in the transit trade between Europe and Asia and especially China
In the congress where strategic partnerships for development will be on the agenda; Between the European Union and China
the role of Southeast Europe in trade and developments in customs will be discussed.

These formations, which bring together the regional actors of the logistics sector,
important steps are taken to simplify border crossings.
Provide. Considering Turkey's cooperation with countries in the region need to compete and development
SEEFF Congress, which has become important, is also developing the transit transportation in the region.
also important in terms of.

Congress members will plan to participate in the congress.
From follow.

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