Snowboard Pleasure in Hakkari Mountains

hakkari merga butana ski resort where is merga butana ski resort
hakkari merga butana ski resort where is merga butana ski resort

The ski resort in Hakkari's Merga Butan Plateau, at an altitude of 2, was also flooded by ski lovers in April.

Turkey's spring weather experienced in many provinces, Hakkari 2 thousand 700 altitude plateau skiing in the Merge Butane center, welcomes kayaksever weekends. Some of them made snowboarding, while others made great efforts to ski, especially in the ski center where the officers preferred to evaluate the weekend. Explaining that the only social activity of Hakkari is skiing, the teachers said that while spring weather is experienced everywhere, skiing on 2 meters of snow in Hakkari gives them a different excitement.


Turkey's Hakkari province of Turkey Ski Federation Representative Besim Turgut winter tourism in the province of Hakkari expressed that in no, "Hakkari in terms of average snow depth of one of the important provinces of Turkey. It is planned to build an international ski center and track in Hakkari and Yüksekova District. Because the snow thickness is high here, skiing can be done until the end of May in some periods. As you can see now in Turkey when there is no snow anywhere, we're still skiing in Hakkari. Merge Butane today has an important place among the ski slopes of the ski centers in Turkey. So committed to the sport in Turkey all skiers friends are welcome to our city, "he said.