CHP deputy in Ankara metro

CHP deputy at Ankara subway: Ankara Deputy Emir got on the subway and listened to the transportation ordeal of the people of Ankara.

Ankara's most intense metro line Ankara Metro, the metro line due to the construction of the Kecioren Metro in order to detect the failures of the CHP Ankara deputy Murat Emir, Melih Gökçek's ability to disrupt the functioning of the last properly in the Ankara Metro show that, ın Keçiören Due to the metro construction, the journey times with the Ankara Metro have doubled. The Batikent-Red Crescent expeditions, which were previously about 27-30 minutes, have now been transferred to 1 hours. Melih Gökçek, who is unable to make subways under his responsibility, break the transportation policy in Ankara and put the blame on others, should not sit on the sofa met.

CHP's Emir got on the subway from Akköprü Station to see the new application in Ankara Metro today in the morning and sohbet and listened to their transportation problems. Returning to the Akköprü Station and making a press statement here, Murat Emir said that the subways that developed countries built almost a century ago by building their infrastructure turned into a 'story of suffering and snake' in Ankara, the capital city, with Melih Gökçek administration. The construction of the Keçiören Metro, the foundation of which was laid in 2003 but still not completed, was started on April 16, 2016, and this construction was planned to be completed on June 16, 2016, two months later; Stating that the operation of the Batıkent-Kızılay metro, which has been operating regularly for 19 years, has also been disrupted for this reason, Emir said:

“Akköprü Station, where we are currently located, has been one of the 28 stations of the Batıkent-Kızılay metro line since December 1997, 12, and has become the last stop for passengers coming from Batıkent since April 16, 2016. Ataturk Cultural Center Station on this line is also the last stop for those who come from the Red Crescent. Why? Melih Gökçek's transformation of the subway construction into a 'snake story' for years. As you know, there was a subway that was started to be built 13 years ago in Ankara, the Keçiören Metro, known as 'M4'. Batıkent-Kızılay metro, which has been operating for years, has also become problematic due to the Keçiören Metro, which has not been completed for 13 years. Coming from Sincan and Batıkent route, Ulus, Sıhhiye and Kızılay; Our citizens who will go to AŞTİ or Dikimevi route from there now have to get off here. The line has been cut due to the Keçiören Metro connection to be made at this point.

Our citizens are either walking or being transported to the Atatürk Culture Center, which is the other station, by the buses that the municipality holds as a ring vehicle. While the system is functioning properly, there are no crowds at a stop due to the different stops, and hundreds of our citizens leave at the same time and they have to walk to the ring vehicles with vehicle traffic. The most important problem encountered is to reach both the stops and the journeys that are more than twice as long as the stops to be reached.

A journey between Batıkent and Kızılay is now up to 1 hours. Such a situation has occurred that the security of the crowd had to take private security here; simitciler and water sellers have started to open machines. Although it is said that the said works will last for two months, we are concerned that the buried citizens will be extended when we bring to mind the works that could not be completed in the past promises.

Gokcek, Ankara has collapsed transportation

Melih Gökçek administration in Ankara showed us that Ankara cannot be managed. Melih Gokcek clearly admits this. Melih Gokcek, who took the pranks and slanders on the channels under his command, tries to get rid of this problem in the subway by throwing it on the Ministry of Transportation. Gokcek announces to the Ministry of Transportation about the subway lines, which have not been completed for many years due to the transportation policies that promote the use of private vehicles in Ankara, and frequently announces that this new regulation is in line with the alar decision of the Ministry of Transport Gök.

What is the reason of this study conducted in Ankara, which is a civil servant and student city, not done in the summer months when the population is crowded? After the 13 year awaited, couldn't a few months be expected for the citizens to survive this ordeal?

With each election period approaching, the construction of a subway in Ankara before the end of the construction of the political understanding of the show what is planned? Although many questions await the answer, the undisputed fact is: someone who cannot make the subways in his / her responsibility, collapses the transportation policy in Ankara, and who is indisposed to take the blame to other institutions, is now sitting in the seat of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Birçok

Metro integration was also a lie

CHP Emir, Ankara, metro applications and general traffic problems are increasing every day; OSB Törekent-Batıkent line known as the opening of the Sincan Metro and to ensure the integration with the Ankara Metro 8 month will be implemented for the last time announced that the withdrawal of the time until the 2 year passes, but still continues to record the order, açıl 13 12 February 2014 year after the opening OSB Törekent-Batıkent line signaling arrangement is not done to transfer to Kızılay, travels are going on and accumulations are experiencing.

Due to the fact that two lines were not integrated, the last time 00.20 by the Red Crescent was taken to 23.00 and the last time by Batıkent to 23.30 was taken to 22.30; 8 2 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

In Ankara, where Melih Gökçek is ruled by lies, metro stations and sub-passages flooding with heavy rainfall are our fate. Vehicle traffic is also paralyzed in the capital; The traffic of the Fatih Bridge on the Kecioren side and the vehicle traffic at Eskisehir Road, especially during the departure and departure times, are completely tangled. Keçi



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