Cankirli children travel around the world by library train

Children from Çankır travel around the world by train: The children enjoy the train library from different projects of Çankırı Municipality. Train Library children flocked to the library, the library is traveling around the world with dozens of books.

Children living in Çankırı enjoy reading the books in the train compartments after learning the 110 annual adventure of the library they come with their teachers. Thanks to dozens of books suitable for their age, children are sailing through a train compartment through lush fields, barren steppes, deserted village roads and open to other worlds.

Children who are very excited when they see the Train Library examine the locomotive before reading the book. After informing about the history of the train by the municipal officials, the visitors go to the mechanic cabin. The children share the books they read with each other while having trouble choosing the books that the Tren Library offers them.

The children who expressed their love for reading books now express their satisfaction by thanking Mayor İrfan Dinç: dik We loved the Train Library. We liked the books very much. We love to read. Thank you very much for my uncle. ”

Tren Library provides great comfort to book lovers in terms of design, cafeteria and environment. Alongside the minors, the library also uses the library as a study and research environment. One of the visitors, 41, the annual teacher Osman Yerli, says that attractive places have a positive effect on the habit of reading books. Li They don't read books by saying to our children. In order to read books, it is necessary to prepare such original spaces that will attract their attention. I liked the atmosphere here and it attracted the attention of our students. Especially the environment is very suitable for children to read books. It is also more attractive and beautiful to find books that are suitable for children's levels. I believe that the children will want to come back here with their families. We expect these services to continue. ”

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