Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is establishing a Ro-Ro port in Mudanya Ketendere

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is establishing a Ro-Ro port in Mudanya Ketendere: The decision regarding the establishment of a 'port complex' in Ketendere, Mudanya District of Bursa, in which the Ro-Ro port is located, was taken by the majority of votes in the Metropolitan Municipality Council.

The ordinary council meeting of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in April was held in the new municipality building on Ankara Road. In the Assembly; Plan amendments regarding the processing of the Ferry and Ropax piers, Container Port, Ro-Ro Port and General Cargo Port projects to be built within the scope of Bursa Port Complex Project in Mudanya's Ketendere site into the Bursa Provincial Environmental Plan of 1/100 thousand. it was accepted by majority of votes.

Making a statement on the subject in the session, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe pointed out that Bursa is a production city and that its capacity is increasing day by day and that they are working on the subject because the ports are not enough anymore. Emphasizing that the transportation of vehicles between Mudanya and Bursa has been a major problem for years, President Altepe said, “In the project to be implemented, we will use the Ketendere region further from the Mudanya port rather than Eşkel. The infrastructure will be made ready both for this region and for the developing and growing port requirement ”.

President Altepe emphasized that Bursa's industrial infrastructure is moving from the city center towards Ketendere, and that the industrial zones in Karacabey are close to here, and said, “With the project, transportation can be made between the west side of Istanbul and income can be obtained without entering Mudanya and visiting the city center. it will become ”he said.

Noting that the requests regarding the issue had been submitted to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications before and the ministry wanted the project to be processed into the existing plans of one hundred thousand and sent to them for approval, Mayor Altepe said, “We have taken this decision at today's assembly meeting. Our goal is to handle this traffic outside without entering the city. Because the port is a very important need for the industrial and production city ”.

In his statement, Mayor Altepe said that the construction and operation processes of the port complex will be carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality and said, “This place will be managed by the Metropolitan Municipality and the investment will be made by us. BURULAŞ will run its business. Bursa kazanwill be,” he said.

Stating that they have been working on the project for years and that they will be implemented immediately after the approval of the ministry, President Altepe said, “Our Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık saw the port area to be built. This is a need for Bursa. We want it to be in our hands and under our control that nothing is wrong. His income will be left to Bursa, ”he said.

Following the speech of President Altepe, the decision to build a port complex in Ketendere was taken by majority vote.

In the port complex to be built in Ketendere; 1.5 million passengers per year for the sea bus terminal, 1 thousand vehicles with 400 million passengers per year for the ropax terminal, 600 thousand trailers per year for the Ro-Ro terminal, 1 million containers per year for the container terminal, 5 to 7 million tons per year for the general cargo terminal cargo circulation is expected.

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